Marvin and Vera Baker


    The Bakers had twelve children, six boys and six girls. Marvin drove the school bus, and since he owned it, he could take passengers to town on Saturday nights for 25 cents, staying till 10:30 when the late show started at the “American”. Earl was my age; we started first grade together in 1942. Vera Baker and Loraine Hall were sisters, daughters of Charles and Abbie Hill. (Other Hill siblings were Beatrice, Desmond, Gufrey and Grayden, who married Mildred Carroll.)

Photo montage: The Bakers were at Farm Unit 17, between Overtons and the Carrolls.

photos (right): Beatrice, Abbie Hill holding first-born Billy Joe Baker,

and Vera

(below): Marvin, Vera, Willie and Loraine, Abbie and Charles