Steve and Cleo Carroll


1919 October 8: The Great War over, Steve Carroll married Cleo Gay.

1943: Steve Carroll and Cleo get Farm Unit No. 18

left: “Wedding Day”

below: 1950

Steve’s parents: Samuel Jacob and Sally (Umbarger) Carroll

Their names in the new Register of the Methodist church (1909) were Nos. 7 & 8

    1911 March 17: “County Schools” by Supt. Parker. Mulberry, District No. 92— .... At Mulberry I spent the night with Mr. [Samuel Jacob] Carroll. He and his entire family know how to make a county superintendent feel at home. He had pecans before supper, and after supper Mrs. Carroll popped a nice lot of pop corn. Mr. Carroll is a splendid liver. May he and his prosper in the future as they have done in the past.

Children of Samuel Jacob and Sally Carroll

Hattie, Emma, Maude, Steve, Floyd

Maude and R. A. Hall: “...married on the 29th day of December 1909...

lived together...until the 19th day of April, 1923, when...they separated.”

Maude received personal property and custody of Robert and Charles;

Allie recovered...“the land” and custody of Elsie and Joe.

Mrs. Carroll and Maude moved to Sherman.

The Wiselys (after the cyclone) built back a new house;

they will oppose bankers John Palmore and Roger Rainey and eventually give up 221 acres,

including the “Reed homestead” and the new house in Mulberry.

Mrs. Wisely moved to Sherman, and Ira Wisely married Maude.

below: the Family of Steve and Cleo Carroll

back: Steve, Jr., Lucille, Cleo holding Bobbie, Steve, Walter

front: twins Loyd and Floyd, Lois Marie, Mildred