Such Fun


Mandy: “Jubie couldn’t stop laughing all at once. She had to let it roll.”   

Jubie Bramlett (left) and Mandy Parks

    Continuing:  “They dressed up like poor country women and went to town. While Bernice and Zona waited on the sidewalk, Gladys took some pork sausage to Mr. Cole’s front door. (He was owner of the picture shows.) Talkin’ ignorant-like, Gladys told him her friends had never seen a picture show and didn’t have money, but they had this sausage and hoped he’d take it for three tickets. Mr. Cole had to ask his wife; she came to the door. Then he wrote a note telling the ticket taker to let in three country women “without charge.”

    “Oh, they had more fun. Gladys could do things like that. It went on all the time. One night Zona, Mandy McKinnis and Texie Roche dressed up like men and went ‘round offerin’ to sell whiskey. Nobody would buy without tasting, but the ‘whiskey’ was nothin’ but water with coffee grinds in it. Finally they had to laugh out loud.”

    photo: “Proposing,” Gladys and Jubie, for a “skit”

    “One Saturday while Bernice Alder was teachin’ at Mulberry and roomin’ with Gladys and Clayton, she, Gladys and Grace Bramlett went to town in Grace’s car. Gladys left her car in our yard. When they got back and Clayton was carryin’ in the groceries, he said, ‘Gladys, you had the car washed.’ ‘No, I didn’t,’ she said. Coming in again Clayton said, ‘Gladys, you had the car washed.’ With emphasis: ‘No, I didn’t.’ Bernice went to look, and sure enough, somebody had washed the car.  I’d got Billy to help me push it to the faucet, then we pushed it back. So Gladys wrote me a ‘thank you’ note. Ever once in a while I’ll run across it.”  

    photo: Tina Frazer and Fay Bond: “Newly married”

Or just mischief:

1897 August 20 (Roustabout in Bonham News): There are some boys and young men in this neighborhood who are doing much to disturb the peace and harmony of our people. We cannot have meetings at night or any other gatherings, but what they are playing some devilish trick or other. They shear horses tails, cut harness, take taps off wagons and buggies [wheels] and similar tricks that cause trouble and annoyance, and are likely to result in more serious things. We are in hopes that, whoever they are, they will cease such things at once.

“Sunday Excursions” to the River and Kemp Ferry

“Learning to Drive”

    One day when Hattie Parks was home alone, somebody dressed like a tramp, with a black face and hands, came to the back door; she thought Mandy and Pierce were trying to frighten her. Often done for fun, “scaring people” was common in Mulberry. Chuckling about “how mean” she’d been as a “young ‘un,” Mandy said her mother went to Ella Province’s house across the road one night while the rest of the family was at church. “I slipped over and rattled the chain and well bucket. Next morning mother said, ‘Somebody tried to break in last night and kill us.’” Hattie hid money around the house.

The Parks Place


“Watermelon Feast” at the J. F. Hall Home