Newspaper “Items”

    1911 July 18:  (Bonham NewsMulberry.  The corn is burned up in this section of the county.  Cotton holds up fairly well.  Work is all over, hence the young folks are having a good time attending cream suppers.  Geo. Cain, Leo Provine and Jess West arrived from Kansas where they have been working through the harvest.  They reported a short grain crop and all most a total failure in other crops.  Mrs. S. D. Rainey of Ft. Worth has been visiting her son, James Wright Rainey, Jr., and Mrs. Harry Price and family of the Rainey farm.  Mrs. Rainey and her son left yesterday for Mineral Wells to spend a few days.  Mrs. Buck Carter is visiting her daughter in Collin County.  Jim Rosser of south of Paris is visiting J. F. Hall.  Miss Vera Hall returned from Paris yesterday.  Miss Lelia Hall has been on the puny list for a few days.  Harry Price’s little daughter has been very sick this week but is much improved at this writing.  E. M. [Edgar] Price of the community entertained his friends with an ice cream supper.  Good attendance and enjoyed by both old and young.  Mrs. E. M. Price entertained a party of friends the Fourth of July on Sandy Creek.  Misses Bertha and Kat
e Martin were shopping in Bonham today.  J. E. Roche, Sr., returned home to Paris.  He has been visiting the Roche farm and sons.

photo: George Davidson with a friend

    1911 October 17:  (BN)  Mulberry.  Health in this community is fine at this writing.  Picking cotton is the order of the day.  Mrs. Ethel Roche and baby, J. E., visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Stanford Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wisely and Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Garrett and families visited Mrs. Carroll’s daughter, Mrs. R. A. Hall, Sunday.  Bro. Carter preached at our church Saturday night and Sunday.  There was a large crowd at Prayer meeting Sunday night.  Mr. Willie Stevenson and Miss Grace Stanford visited Misses Bertha and Rate Martin Sunday, where they attended the wedding of Mr. Oliver Hyatt and Miss Bertha Martin at Rev. Reaves near Fairview No. 1 Sunday evening.  Mr. Onea Cox, Miss Lula Carter, Mr. Charlie Carter and Miss Bertha Cox also attended the wedding.  Miss May Stanford and Master Mansel Stanford are spending a few weeks with their cousins, Miss Grace and Marvin Stanford near Mulberry.  The school at this place has not started yet on account of the children having so much cotton to pick, but it will soon start.  Mr. D. E. Porter will be our teacher another session.  Mr. J. K. Stanford is visiting his son, J. W. Stanford near Sandy Creek.  John Roche, Jr. is visiting his brother R. E. Roche near Mulberry.  Miss Jennie Robinson and sister, Mrs. Mandy McKennis visited Miss Rate Martin Sunday afternoon.  Onea Cox and sister, Miss Berth, visited Mr. Charlie and Lula Carter Sunday.  Albert Nelson visited John Martin Sunday.  Floyd Carroll spent Saturday night with his brother-in-law, R. A. [Allie] Hall.  There will be Prayer meeting at our M. E. church Sunday night.  Everybody come and bring somebody with him.  There will be a box supper at Mulberry Friday night, Oct. 20.  Everybody invited to come and bring a box as the benefits are to go for papering the church and buying an organ.  Pride of Mulberry.

    1911 November 24:  (BN)  Mulberry.  Health in this community is fine at this writing.  Cotton isn’t near all picked yet.  Miss Grace Stanford spent Sunday with her cousin, Miss May Stanford.  Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Roach and baby spent Sunday with the lady’s parents.  Emma Carroll, Lola Wisely, Lena Umbargar, Myrtle Nipper and Floyd Carroll spent Sunday at the home of J. F. Hall.  M. N. Nelson and family spent Sunday at Mose Jackson’s.  J. K. Stanford spent Sunday at his son’s, A. M. Stanford.  D. E. Lyday made a business trip to Denison Monday.  Lee Donaho was in Bonham on business Monday.  Mrs. Harry Price was a visitor in Ravenna Saturday.  Myrtle Gibson spent Saturday night and Sunday with Frances West.  Sam Cunningham of the Anthony community spent Sunday with his aunt, Mrs. Hope.  Arnia McKenness visited his brother Sunday.  Observations by the Way was in our community Monday.  Mrs. Sadie Dobbs visited Mrs. Lillie Jackson Sunday.  J. T. Hembey and family of the Fairview community visited A. M. Stanford Saturday night.  Miss Hudie Bramlett and Mr. Rowland Price visited Mr. Harry Price and family Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Blankenship visited Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cain Sunday.  Best wishes to The News and its many readers.  Turtle Dove

    1913 February 21:  (BN)  Mulberry.  Health in this community is good.  The farmers are busy preparing their land for another crop.  Mrs. E. M. Price and son Herbert have returned from a visit to Paris.  Miss Kate Norton and brother John spent Saturday and Sunday in Ector.  Mr. Loss Hope and family was visiting in Anthony community Sunday.  C. W. Parks and family spent Sunday with D. M. Nelson and family.  Miss Enice Carroll spent the day with Miss Myrtle Nipper Sunday.  Mrs. Grace Price is spending a few days in Waxahachie.  Miss Willie Stephenson and Mr. Sam Deiley of the Ivanhoe community were visitors in Mulberry Sunday.  School is progressing nicely with J. R. Bailey as teacher.

    1913 April 4:  (BN)  Mulberry.  As I have seen no report from Mulberry in the Bonham News, will send in a few items.  This is a beautiful day and makes one feel good.  Our farmers are planting corn.  We are very sorry to learn of the death of the infant of Mr. and Mrs. John Pyles.  The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Plummer is doing nicely now.  Miss Myrtle Nipper spent a few days in Ravenna the latter part of the week.  Mr. De Lyday made a business trip to Paris last week.  The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Haskins is reported better.  We had church here Sunday with a large attendance and were glad to have our old pastor, Rev. Eley with us.  Mr. John Owens, of Ravenna, was a pleasant visitor here Sunday.  Misses Oleta Price, Kate Martin, Ora Coomer, and Willie Stevenson spent a pleasant day Sunday with Misses Mamie and Mandy Parks.  Our [Methodist] League is progressing nicely.  Everyone is cordially invited to attend.  The time is Sunday at three o’clock.  Mr. George Britt made a business trip to Bonham last Friday.  Mrs. Perry Parks left Sunday afternoon for Ector, Texas, to visit her parents.  Miss Lola Wisely and Clive Moore and wife spent Sunday with Miss Myrtle Nipper.  Misses Susie Nelson, Merel Spies and Emma Carroll spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Lola Wisely.  Mrs. Annie Richards and baby returned home to Ambrose Sunday afternoon.  Our teacher has been sick for a few days, but we are glad he is able to take up his regular work again.  Miss Merel Spies taught for him the few days of his absence.  Mr. and Mrs. Laffie Price and children visited his brother, Mr. Harry Price and family.  Miss Merel Spies was in Bonham last Monday.  Miss Bessie Vaughn and Mr. Dennis Gibson spent Sunday with Miss Susie Nelson.  J. F. Hall and family spent Sunday at the home of Jim Rosser.  Mr. Gene Agnew visited at the home of C. W. Parks Sunday.  Mrs. Mollie Hyatt spent Sunday with her son, Mr. Gene Hyatt.  Misses Clara and Glennel Fauknew of Fairview visited Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carroll last week.  Two Sisters.

    1913 May 2:  Mulberry.  Health of the community is good, except Miss Myrtle Nipper, who has a bad case of ivy poison on her face.  Misses Kate Martin and Annie and Nora Swiney spent Sunday evening with Miss Mae Lankford.  Mrs. Jim Nelson and family spent Sunday with J. S. Carrol and family.  J. I. Noah and family spent Sunday with Jim Rosser.  Mr. Floyd Carrol and wife spent Sunday evening with W. C. Moore and wife.  Misses Omega Funderburg and Willie Mae Wright, with Rosie and Ruby Vaughn and Myrtle Gibson spent Sunday with Miss Mandy Parks.  Mr. Clarence Landford, Will Haulk, Frank Underwood and Floyd Carroll reported a good time in a marble game at R. R. Vaughn’s.  Mrs. Swiney and daughter, Mrs. Maggie Haulk, visited Miss Goldie Spencer.  Sunflower

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    Health of our community is good now, except for a few.  Miss Myrtle Nipper has been sick but is now able to be up again.  Mrs. Tom Roche is visiting in Paris this week.  Harry Price and daughter Oleta, was in Bonham last week.  Charlie McCallan, who has been our organist for some time, has left us; we all regret his having to leave.  Bud Kirkpatrick of Ector is visiting his sister, Mrs. Perry Parks.  The fish-fry of last Sunday was well attended by both young and old.  Miss Lelia Hall visited Miss Myrtle Nipper last Sunday.  Most all the young people from this place attended the services at Duplex Sunday.  All report a good time and a very good dinner.  Mrs. Parks and daughters Mamie and Mandy were in Bonham shopping last week.  Miss Kate Martin visited May Langford Sunday evening.  Mrs. [Hudie Bramlett] Price visited her sister, [Mrs.] Alva [Myrtle] Cain, last Sunday.  Miss Lola Wisely spent a short while at the home of J. E. Spies Sunday.  Two Sisters

    1913 May 13:  (BN)  Mulberry.  Some of our young people went to a concert at Ravenna Saturday night and reported a nice time.  Some of the people of Mulberry were in Bonham Monday.... Sunflower

    1918 March 22:  (BN)  Mulberry News—March 18.  Health is very good at this writing.  Nearly everybody is over with the measles.  Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Blankenship have them yet.  The death angel has visited our community and claimed one of our old people.  It is hard for us to give them up, but God knows best.  We trust and pray to Him that they are both where there will be no more suffering and tears.  Mr. J. K. Stanford (Uncle Jake) as he was called, died February 23, and was laid to rest at Mulberry cemetery beside his wife. On February 25 he would have been 75 years old.  He was a man who was loved by all and many friends will regret to hear of his death.... Bud Province, who has been sick so long, thinks he is improving.  We all hope for his speedy recovery.  Mrs. Hudie Price and three children spent the day Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Sam Bramlett.  Mr. and Mrs. Ira Wis
ely visited her parents Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cain spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Alta Rich.  Miss Jubie Bramlett was at home Saturday and Sunday.  She is attending school at Ravenna.  Mrs. Luther Brown spent Sunday afternoon at her mother’s, Mrs. Nelms.  Mr. and Mrs. George Cain and little son, Allen, visited his brother, Mr. Alva Cain and family Saturday night.  Miss Mandy Parks and Miss Helen Nelms spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Alta Rich.  Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Aderholt and son, J. C., spent Saturday night and Sunday with her parents, Mrs. Sam Bramlett.  Mrs. Mandy McKinnis, and Mrs. Emma Baker and daughter, Ollie, went to Bonham Saturday shopping.  Mrs. Myrtle Cain and little son Audrey, spent Sunday afternoon at the home of John Rich.  Everybody is busy planting corn and breaking cotton land.  I guess some more of our boys will leave for the training camp before long.  We hate to see our boys and brothers leave, for we may never see them again.  A Soldier’s Friend

photo: John and Alta (Cain) Rich