Journeys Out


On three occasions when Mulberry is not my home, I am happy again,

and want to remember....

The first, during service in the army (1961-62), is not a voluntary exile:

located across New York harbor, in Highlands, New Jersey, next to Sea Bright

and the lighthouse on Sandy Hook.

The second in London (1967-68) when the start of that “journeying out”

is a question I asked myself:

“What would it be if you could do anything in the world you wanted?”

The third, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Iran (1970-72), comes after seven years when I resign all accomplishment and drive away to what seems no brighter future. The next day an invitation comes, and my father speaks quietly from his chair,

“I’m not going to worry about you anymore.”

Photo montage: (upper left) Wells Cathedral in England

and Chamborg in France

Gregory while in the Army

Getting away, “journeying out...” is to have something

to bring back home, to live and tell again,

like reading a good book.