Marvin and Mera


On the night of the storm, Marvin, aged 16, and Mera, 10, children of Newton and Ida Price, became orphans: the parents and three younger children in their family were dead.

Here in Mulberry ...

1919 April 10: (Sherman Courier) Death Rides on Winds of Storm. Tuesday, the day preceding the storm, had been an unusually warm one, the evening hours closing in with an almost summer sultriness, relieved by a balmy breeze as night came on, which sprang up out of the South.

        Grows Stormy. Toward mid-night, the clouds, which had been gathering all afternoon and evening, lowered and the lightning began to play across the boundaries of the horizon, while distant thunders muttered their portents....

        The little village of Mulberry, on Red River, five miles northwest of Ravenna, was completely destroyed....

I talked to my Mother earlier [a grandson of

Marvin wrote] and she did confirm Mera was

taken in by J. E. and Mary Spies. She did very

well, became a teacher, married a principal,

and settled in Lewisville.

    right: Bonham Daily Favorite, May 26, 1931:

                                          “It will be remembered....”

Marvin had a tough life, passed around between family and friends. He spent some time with uncle Lonnie and Effy. Unfortunately we don't have any stories, Mom said it was

something he never wanted to talk about. Five years after the storm, the record shows, he joined the Methodist church in Mulberry.

After visiting with several

relatives, I learned a few things

that my grandfather was

passionate about:

  1. 1)Baseball - He loved the game

of baseball. When a baseball

game was on the radio, every-

thing in his world stopped. He

would retreat to his room with

his radio and a large stein of ice

tea; everyone knew not to

bother him. He knew the rules,

players and the strategy of the

game as well as anyone. Cleveland Indians was his team.

2) Farming - He was passionate and loved to work the land. Unfortunately, as it was for most farmers, it was very difficult to provide for their families on a farming income.

3) The Annual Gathering of Storm Survivors At Mulberry - After relocating to Collin County Texas, every year he looked forward to returning to Mulberry to see old friends and family. He would start preparing and getting excited about the trip about a month before the event. He made the annual trip until health reasons prevented his return.

4) He served in the army at Fort Bliss. I have not been

able to locate any records about his service. He had

several old photos of his buddies that were labeled

Fort Bliss.

  1. 5)Marvin loved to go camping and fishing. They

would camp up on the Red River and he would

gather large logs to build a campfire and they would

keep the fire going all night to keep the mosquitos

away. Crappie was his favorite to catch and eat.

6) He looked forward to going to the State Fair each fall. The family would ride the interurban from McKinney to Dallas to spend the day at the fair.

  1. 7)He also loved to eat Willie's cooking, especially her homemade pies. He would help her out in the kitchen cooking and baking pies.

Wife and Children

    Mrs. Willie Ardie Harpole Price, born on the evening of March 13, 1910, just northwest of Weston, Texas to R. J. Harpole known as Pet and Maggie Dorie Ashley Harpole. She had three sisters and four brothers, all deceased. She met Marvin Grady Price in early spring 1927. They were married September 11, 1927 near Bloomdale on Sunday evening.

    She was the proud mother of six children, Ester Louise... Delton Lee... Willie Mae... Jack... Ruby...  [and] Jeannie [married to] Thomas Mitchell of Celina. She also leaves behind 27 grandchildren, 3 of whom are deceased; 42 great grandchildren, 1 deceased; and 19 great great grandchildren.

    She became a born again Christian in the fall of 1941 under the preaching of J. W. Humes, one Saturday night on the square in Celina. She knelt down and prayed the sinner’s prayer at the back bumper of a car. She loved the Lord dearly and His Holy word. Most of her physical labor in this life consist of picking and hoeing cotton and corn, raising her family, running a laundry mat and dry cleaners. Her spiritual labor was endless. She prayed for her loved ones continuously.

    She went to be with the Lord on Saturday, December 13, 2003 at 10:45 a.m. She was the pioneer of our family, which is to say she was the one who went before us, preparing the way for us. We will greatly miss her, and we look forward to being with her again in heaven. Let us keep these words close at heart. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. (Ps. 116:15). Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 16, 2003....

Marvin and Mera with their Parents

before three more children were born

between 1913 and 1917

as shown on the gravestone

Marvin was born February 22, 1903

Mera was born January 16, 1909