Letters from Vung


the Friendship Begins

[1923]  Bridgman School  West Gate, Shanghai

Dear Unknown friend:

    I received your most welcome letter which you wrote to my home.  Your letter was came at my Aunt’s Wedding Day.  I have just finished our Wedding Feast as I got your letter.  I got a permission from our Principal for stay at home three days.  Of course, I was strange as I first got the letter and look at the envelop to see who wrote to me.  I thought it is come from Miss Gregory until I read it over.

    I am glad to tell you the customs of our country.  And also willing to send a souvenir for you to put in the Sunday School room.  I also was glad to know that you want send me souvenir from America.  We have lots customs are differ as yours.  First, I shall tell you how we spent our Chinese New Years day.  Our date are differ as yours.  Now your date is Nov. 22.  Chinese is Nov. 4.  I don’t know why.  But we don’t use the old date.  We always use the date just as yours now.  But most people are use the old one except the school girls or boys also officers & business.  We have vacation on that time.  We have three or two weeks at that time.  Every home prepare lots foods to invite the relatives & friends to have a feast on the end of the year, that is Chinese Dec. 30 Night.  Every home not sleep until the 12 o’clock of the night.  The first day of the year.  Every one put on their new clothes, and parents give the children presents, when the children go to their parents & say happy New Year and with a low bow.  Every shop stop work & they all have a good time with many funs.  The street were very quiet because no body go to the street bought & selled.

    The Christmas day, Chinese people doesn’t have a different, except Christians.

    I am studying at school now.  From my home to school is far away.  I must spent half day in the train.  If I go home.  So I don’t go home often until vacations.  But I have relatives at Shanghai.  Shanghai is the most busy place here at China.  We have about three hundreds students here at my school.  I am in Senior High II.  We have 18 people at my class.  We have a family.  I am the oldest one in the class because they called me grandma.  Don’t you think it is funny?  We study Chinese literature, also grammar.  English literature, grammar, history, household arts, geometry, civics, physics.  I am in Normal class.  So I am studying normal psychology, also practice teaching.

    But I can’t write English letters as well as you do, because I am a Chinese girl.  We spent most time in our Chinese, we speaks Chinese.  But we can speak, but not as well as you do.  Please excuse me for my bad English and poor Grammar.

    I am glad, because you will come to China some day.  I also shall come to America some day, if nothing happens to me.

    We have fighting in our country now.  There are lots people trouble and Children leave their Parents.  Lost their way.  I am sure we can never get peace this age, until Jesus come.  His Kingdom on the Earth then we could have peace anyhow.  But we must Pray and Watch all the time.  Though we are in different country & different place, we are same in Jesus Christ.  No differ between you and I.  We students easy to get sins for the richness or proudness.  We must pray all the time and ask God to help us and do His will all the time.

    I am sorry because I haven’t any good pictures to send you this time until I get a good one.  I shall mail the Remembrance to you when I mail to Miss Gregory on the Christmas time.

    We have many ball teams in our school, as baseball, volley ball, & tennis.  We are in fame on these ball games because we always won [over] other school teams.  I am interesting in these three ball games too.  We have a big choral in our school.  Every week we go to church have a church service there.  Do you have?  I also the member of it.  I am interesting in Music.  I can play piano.  I teach Sunday School also.  I teach Singing in Rainbow Club and Sunday School.  We have Y.W.C.A. here at school.  I am the member of it.  Also an officer of the cabinet in Y.W.C.A.  Now I have some girls wishing to correspond with your girls.  I write the names of these girls....  Truly Yours, Park Vung Tsing

My Dearest Gladys:

    I have wrote you several letters.  Hope you have received them all.  I was glad to receive your pupils’ letter which came to my home a week ago.  Are you busy now?  I am well here at school.  One of my classmates received a letter from one of your friends yesterday.  Please read this letter to your pupils for me.  Hoping you will write to me soon.  I love you all the time.  Your’s Lovingly, Park Vung Tsing.  P.S.  I am sending you a Christmas package.

Bridgman School.  Shanghai

My dearest friend:

    I received your letter on Feb 28.  I looked it over and over,  for it was very interesting for me.  I wish I could send you a good picture as soon as can be.  But I am sorry for I have no good one now.  Please wait for a month.  Next letter I must send you a picture of mine.  This time I am sending some good views of my native city.  Its name is West Lake.  Have you read about it in your geography?  It has the finest view in China.  I hope you will come to China soon, and I will lead you to play in these beautiful places.  Now I am sending some pictures of “West Lake.”  I hope you will be interested in them.  I received a beautiful picture of a country house.  I shall send you the picture of my new school.

    I have moved to a new school.  For I wanted to learn Normal works.  Now I shall spend three years.  I will finish this school.  When I have finished, I will work two years.  And I will be a Missionary lady in China or another country.  So I must learn Bible in Bible school.  What shall you do, when you finish the College study?  I think you would be a poet perhaps.  Would you?

    I write a Hymn which is “Jesus Loves Me This I know.”  I write it in Chinese and put on the roman letters.  I hope you can read it.  As well as you can.  I shall give you a Chinese name.  Would you like it?

    I received your letter from our principle, Miss Nell Drake.  She wrote a letter to me and told me.  Next time you must write my address in a different way.  There are more than three hundred girls in my new school.  I am surprised that your school ends so early.  Our school ends on June 28.  I am delighted that you want to write to me all through the summer.  Are you cold in your country?  We have no deep snow this winter.  Only to foot high.  It snowed only one night.  Yes, I let many of the girls read your letter.  Have you any brothers or sisters?  I have one little brother; he is five years old.  In English he is three years old.  He is very wise and funny.  From our school to my home is very far.  If we take the train it takes us four hours.  I always get home sick.  I am a little baby.  For my English teacher always called me little baby or big baby.  I shall stop now.  Next time I will tell you our customs in China.  With Love.

Park Vung Tsing 

My dear friend:

    Several weeks have passed by and I have not received a single word from you.  Last night three of my friends at Bridgman School got letters from your friends.  I am sending you an umbrella now.  It is coming to your school; it would be all right?  I am very busy taking examinations.  Now I have finished an English Book named “The Story of Middle Ages.”  Now we are going to study “Evangeline.”  We had three days for Spring vacation last week.  We also have a holiday next month because our teachers will be going out to other schools to take an education visit.  So I have a good time for rest.  Have you received my letters?  I wrote you two letters last month.  The weather is warm and fair these days.  Flowers are blowing, birds are singing.  Our Y.W.C.A changed officers last Sunday.  Now I have been chosen for a Bible class officer this year.  So I must be busier than before.  Next week we shall take the office officially.  Last Sunday was Easter Sunday.  So we had some program in church.  Held by Sunday school.  I sang an Easter song part for the Sunday School children.  They sang an English song.  They sing very well.  Also we had a “Lord’s Supper.” Two of Bridgman School’s girls were Baptized also.  So we are very glad.  On May 1st we have a “Far Eastern Championship” in the Philippines.  Five girls have been chosen for the Volley Ball team in our school.  When shall your school end?  Our school ends on June 25th.  So after that date you must write to my home.  But I have decided I shall hold a “Daily Vacation Bible School” in my home at that time.  My Dear.  It is too far for come and go for we write.  I think we should write one letter for two weeks, would you?  I will now close expecting to hear from my Dear friend Gladys.  Please write to me soon for I am anxious to hear from you.  Remember I am your friend.

Dear friend:

    There is a girl who is our teacher in my school.  Now she would like to be a friend with any of your friends.  Please tell them her name.  Also there is a girl.  She is my real friend.  She helps me very much.  Now she is teaching at Sung-Kiang.  She has been teaching for three years in that school.  After I graduate from this school and have two years in Bible school, she will work with me.  If you come to China we three will work together.  Isn’t that good?  Now I want you to let your real friend be a friend with her.  She is 22 years old.... 

    Now I am sending you a picture of a Chinese general.  His name is “Sung Vung.”  Now he has died.  He was the first leader of the revolution.  Also he is a Christian.  Now he is 59 years old.  With Love.  Park Vung Tsing.  P.S.  After you receive my umbrella please write a letter and tell me.

Susan B. Wilson, Sung Kiang 

My dear Gladys:

    I have received your letter from our Principal, Miss Nell D. Drake, this morning.  For you had made a mistake in your writing.  Miss Nell is our Principal.  She is an American.  So she told us if some one likes to write a letter to America, she will take this letter and a picture.  Now I have taken it.  The first thing I want to tell you is why the name is changed.  I am glad to write to you and become friends through our letters.

    Let me tell you about our customs and my life and my work.  My father is a doctor.  My home is in Hangchow.  Hangchow is a beautiful nature land of China.  There is a lake named West Lake.  It is most beautiful of all.  Next time I will send you pictures of West Lake.  I study at Sung Kiang.  It is a long way from Hangchow to Sung Kiang.  Every time I take the train it takes six hours.  So I stayed in school until summer vacation and winter vacation.  I then go back to my home.  I am eighteen years old.  Just five feet high.  I will send you my picture next time.  I am in eighth grade now, but my English is sixth grade.  I have a little brother who is four years old.  My mother stays at home.  My father stays at home in the morning for he has many sick people who visit his office.  Afternoons he will go out for he is the doctor of Metropolitan Police Board....

    We are busy at New Years.  We have three weeks for winter vacation.  The people was happier at that time as you are happier on Christmas day.  We have a field in our school yard.  We planted Sweet peas a few days ago.  We have thirteen girls in my class.  We have eighth grade in our school.  Next year we add one grade.  On Sept. 19th night at seven o’clock we have an Epworth public Program.   This is a happy night.  We have many guests in our chapel.  We played two stories.   One Chinese, one English.  The English story was named Cinderella.  I think you know it, don’t you?  The Chinese story is named A Sad War.  I have a good friend who is a teacher.  Please tell me all about you.  If you want to ask me some other questions, I will answer you as I can.  Our school winter vacation is on Jan. 18.  If you write to me before Jan. 18, please put the address as before.  If you can’t you may put my home’s address.  Please answer me as quick as you can.  Hope you have a happy Christmas and a happy New Year.  Next time I will tell you about our Christmas program.  Answer me.  With love, Park Vung Tsing

My dear friend:

    I have finished my study now.  Today is Saturday.  We have Chinese composition class this morning.  The subject is “How Necessary is a Moral for Manhood Society.”  Every Saturday morning from eight o’clock to half past eleven.  We have this class from six grade to senior high school III.  But we had different subjects.  We have no class this afternoon.  So we have a half day for holiday every Saturday.  I have time to write to you.  Today I heard my teacher say a ship is sailing to America tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 22.  So I am hurry to write you and you could receive it soon.

Dear Gladys,

    I am sending you a Chinese name; it is very good.  So you must not forgot when you come to China.  Somebody ask you your Chinese name.  You can use it very nice.  Your name Gladys means “Lok Tie Ming.”  Lok is your family name and “Tie” means “heaven.”  “Ming” means “people”.  Put these three words together which means “You are glad be a people of God in heaven.”  Do you like it? 

    I saw the newspapers perhaps the war were fight again.  Gladys!  I’m asking you a question now.  If our country are fight with America, what were you do to me?  Answer me please. 

    There is a girl whose name is “Wang Hwe.”  She is in Senior II now.  She wants an American friend.  Please give this name to your schoolmate who have no friend in China.  Thank you.  Now I’m sending you a picture of mine which was took at Jan. in my school.  It is not very good.  I hope you could receive your presents in Easter.  Next month 7th I will go out and mail the package.  March 2nd is my birthday.  I will invite my classmates to dining room and take my birthday party.  Chinese custom:  when a person’s birthday we shall eat macaronis.  I shall close my writing and prepare my Monday’s lessons and also go to chapel and practice piano.  And Sunday school’s study.  I’m the Chairman of Sunday school tomorrow.  I’m sorry because I am teaching sing song class for Sunday school.  But I got cold and my throat got hurt very much.  So I can’t sing these days.  Do you enter choirs in your school?  What part do you take?  I take alto part in my choirs.  Write to me soon please.  I’m very anxious to get your kindest letter.  Are you busy in your lessons?  Yes, Chinese Bible is just same as yours.  But we are in Chinese.  But means are same.  Now we are study English Bible, Galatians 4 Chapter.  With Much Love.  Your Everlasting friend, Park Vung Tsing.


    You want me find a boy friend for your schoolmate.  But I have no boy friend.  So I write a letter to my cousin.  He is studying at Hangchow.  I think he will write to your friend soon.  Please tell him. 

Bridgman School  May 7, 1924

My dearest friend:

    How are you now?  I am very glad for I can send you my picture this time.  In this picture have two girls but the no. 1 is I, the other one is my friend.  She is a teacher.  She teaches Chinese and English in Susan B. Wilson School.  I have visited her on April 27.  I came to school on May 3rd because we have spring vacation on these days.  Now I will tell you some thing we did in this week.  I hope you will be interested.  On April 23rd we took a long trip.  Eight girls go with us, and we got up on five o’clock and we prepared some cakes and fruits in the basket.  At seven o’clock we started to go, and we separated at once; some girls took the ricksha and some girls took the electric car.  I took the electric car too.  At eight o’clock we reached the railroad station.  Then we buy a ticket and we get into the train; we sang a school song.  At nine o’clock we felt the train moving.  At ten o’clock the train had reached the place just what we want.  Then we got out of the train and took a long walk and reached the country.  We can’t see any things as the city has, except some cows and sheeps, fields, lakes, a big ocean.  If you come to China then I shall see you on the wharf.  Your ship was at that ocean.  But you could not reach the wharf by this ship.  You must take a small boat and sail to the wharf.... I hope I can come to America and study Bible.  But I don’t know what result shall I get.

Dear Friend! 

    I hope you would come to China soon.  Oh, I am sorry for I have tell the other things now.  I didn’t finish my trip.  Now I would tell you again.  We saw many soldiers; they are took an exercise.  And we saw the waves high up and with a big ship was sail on this ocean.  We go back at four o’clock and we reached to school at five o’clock.  Next time I would send you my trip picture.  I can’t send you this time because the pictures haven’t printed.  Our school ends on June 29th.  So we shall study one month more.  Last month I received a letter from 6 Pleasant St., Dighton, Mass., U.S.A.  Her name is Rose Borges.  Do you know her?  Now I have two friends in America.  Have you any friends worked in China?  I hope I could receive your letter few days after.  Did you received my letter last month?  Do you like Chinese money?  Did you ever see the Chinese money?  I hope I can send you some Chinese things that you didn’t see before.  But I must send it on Christmas, because I heard someone say a ship that came from U.S.A. only sail the Christmas presents.  So I shall send you at that time.  It is easy to do. 

We have a Y.W.C.A. at our school.  Last week I visited our old principal Miss Nell D. Drake.  She was very glad to see me and asked me “Did you receive the letter from Gladys?”  “No, I haven’t received any letters from Miss Gladys these days,” I answered.  With Love,  Park Vung Tsing.  Excuse writing.  I’m a Chinese girl.  But I shall learn it as good as I can.

Bridgman School  June 1, 1924

My dear friend:

    How are you?  Have you received my letter last month?  Our school ends on June 26th.  Are you stay at home now?  Because you had told me your school shall end on May 25th.  Now the time is over.  What are you doing in this summer?  I have sent you five pictures now, because our school held a big meeting at May 26th.  It is the remember of our school for our school had held fifty years now.  So we had many programs.  We had played an English story on 29th.  We buy the ticket for we want raise money for build a new school hall.  Next month we shall hold a Chinese meeting, plays a Chinese story, buy tickets too.  It is raise money for Summer Vacation Bible school fees.  So we are very busy.  Our school is much small now.  So we want built a new one.  We happened a sad thing into my class because one girl had died from diseases.  She is very wise and skill.  I got sick at 28th.  So I slept on my bed one day.  Now I am well.  My classmates want I tell you why they didn’t write to them?  A friend of your second sister who is fourteen years old, she wants her friend write to her soon.  Good bye, with much Love, Your real friend, Park Vung Tsing

Hangchow   Aug. 2nd [1924]

My dearest friend:

    How are you?  Why have you not write to me a word?  I have write you two letters, have you received?  You said you will write with me all through the Summer, but I didn’t get any letter from you.  I am sorry for I think you feel not very well as other things happen to you.  Now I’m sending you a perfect picture of mine.  The little boy is my own little brother.  I printed at 1923, Aug. 20.  Next time I will send you new one.

    Dear Gladys, did you ever see a Chinese fan, or play things?  Which kind do you like best?  Please tell me as soon as you can!  I stay here with my family.  I study my Autumn Lessons.  I told my parents I have an American friend; perhaps she will come to China and work with me.  They are very welcome.  My father preaches every night in our own church.  But this term stop preach.  Because the house shall puregeth [?].  So we are raising money for buy a clock and new benches.  Please pray for us, we can do this well. 

    Every day I thought now you are in your dreaming.  Every night I start to sleep then I thought now she will get up.  One night I dreamed you in my dream.  I saw you all sit beside me and I am sick.  You are take medicine for me.  Is it wonderful?  I shall go Shanghai at Aug 20th.  Our school opens at Sept 3rd.  Are you hot in your country?  I have a good vacation.  I sitting at front veranda.  I see sweet flowers and trees.  When I look out from back veranda I can see a hill with trees and old temple before me.  So it is a good view in my eyes.  I like you can see it but I am sorry I have no “Kodak.”  I can’t prophit [photograph it].  What day is your birthday, please tell me?  My birthday is Chinese Feb. 8th. 

    What did you do with your vacation?  I like each fruits.  So I eat much fruits in the summer time.  Next week we shall take a trip to West Lake.  I like get [photograph] from there.  So I shall sent you my picture again.  Have you received my picture that I send you at last letter?  I come back home.  I got sick for one week.  Now I got well.  We have no rain for many days.  So the fire purn [?] always burn up.  They are very near us.  So I am much frighten for fire.  The rice’s price is very high for the boat can’t carry the rice to city from country.  So many poor people are very terrible.  I sending you a Chinese flower; it blows at night.  Its smell is very good.  We call them Night Maiden.  Good bye for this time.  Please write to me as soon as you can and send your letters to my school again.  With much love, your true friend, Park Vung Tsing

Bridgman School  Oct. 10, 1924

My dearest Gladys:

    Excuse me my dear!  I have received your first letter which you wrote to my home.  But I am in such frightened for many days.  Have you ever seen in your news paper about China?  I will tell you some.  Hangchow belongs to Che Kiang Province.  Shanghai belongs to Ju Province.  Now Ju’s General is joining four other provinces to fight Hangchow.  It is the most important city for fighting and it is most dangerous of all.  I am afraid if the railroad is broken how can I go to school.  So I go to Shanghai earlier.  But I have never seen before as much people in train.  Many can’t sit, only stand for 10 hours.  They are running away from the danger.  So move their families to other country.  This disturbs my study.  I am thinking how is my family now!  But now the soldiers are all out of Hangchow.  There is wickedness in China.

    Many beautiful places are destroyed.  Now, my dear, I write this letter just to help them.  I got sick in my bed for a week.  Now I am well.  Some one told me that her mother was lost and some lost their father or brother or sister.  They are finding their own dear ones, but I am in God’s care so my family are still quite.  I can’t write again so must stop.  I only tell you I am still well and Love you.  I must tell you next time clearly.  I am your Loving friend.  Park Vung Tsing.  Write to me soon!

Bridgman School  Dec. 18, 1924

My dearest friend,

    I have not received your kind letter since a long time.  How are you?  I always remember at you.  Dear Gladys.  All the girls whose names you sent, they want me to send you their thanks.  I am proud to have you for a friend.  They are also proud of theirs.  Oh my, we are just as a little child of six or seven years old. 

    Now I will tell you a new thing in our class.  We have set up a family.  I am the grandmother.  I have a son and many grandsons and one daughter.  We call her widow.  Now I will tell you why they call me grandmother.  Because last term we played a story to raise money for Daily Vacation Bible School.  I am a grandmother in this story.  So all the girls called me grandmother after I played this story.  The little children in kindergarten, they also call me grandmother.  Such wonderful thing it is.  Do you think so?  Next Monday and Tuesday we 12 girls in choir go to Town Hall, because we have a Xmas Concert.  Shanghai Community Chorus with 300 selected voices.  I am one of these.  The girls wear bright dresses and black skirts, also black shoes.  Men with black dresses too.  We sell the tickets from $1-2.  The time is night from 8.30.  If you were here I would invite you to go.  I will be very happy.  A month ago we won in Base Ball from Shanghai College.  So we are very glad and joyous.  I am a member of it.  Do you like music?  I like it very much.  I know a little piano.  My cousin is a music teacher.  She is very famous for singing and playing piano.  Every night we have a meeting before we study.  At the meeting I play the hymn.  In Y.W.C.A. I play hymns too.  I have been teaching a class of Sunday school girls this year.

Dearest Gladys! 

    I am sorry to tell you a thing.  I have decided that I ought to send you many things from China.  So I have told my mother to make an embroidery pocket for you.  All things are ready but it was not finished.  So I will sent you these things before Easter.  You will have received them by Easter Day.  I am in much shame for this.  The trouble is because my home is too far.  This time we have a terrible war between us.  The railroad was destroyed for many days.  We have war for forty days.  The railroad was rebuilt after a month.  So we have hard ways to bring messages.

My dear Friend! 

    Would you pardon me?  We have one day for Xmas and one day for your New Year.  Two weeks for our Chinese New Year.  Do you know your New Year’s day is earlier than our’s?  About one month. 

    Have you ever read “The Life of Helen Keller”?  We have just finished.  Also we have been examined.  I thought she is a wonderful and most diligent girl. 

    Some times I am surprised when we are talking about you.  But you are all in dreamland.  When you received my letter, I am in dreamland.  I hope I can come to your country one day.  If I have a chance I ought to come and meet you.  How many years shall you stay in Wesley College?  I hope you will come to China soon.  I would teach you Chinese and lead you to many wonderful places.  And we would have a good time.  Also we could work for God together.  I think God would let us succeed.  If we pray to Him with our faithful hearts.  Then you would be one of my helpers.


Dear Gladys! 

    I love you much and I do truly love you.  Next letter I shall send you some pictures with snow views.  Many girls do not believe in Jesus.  So we have a prayer meeting every night before we go to bed.  We pray for those who do not believe in Jesus.  Tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock a priest will come to our school and speak Bible to those who do not believe. 

    What things have you done in Xmas?  Have you any program in your school?  Are you cold in your country now?  We are not so cold.  This month we have only one day frozen.  But it was a very thin one.  After nine o’clock the ice was all solution.  We never have thick ice in winter or snow to a foot thick.  So we are not so cold in winter.  Which do you like, winter or summer?  I like winter.  Because I am afraid of snakes or flies, mosquitos and other worms.  If we are in winter we can do things to make our body warm.  Do you think so?


Dear Gladys! 

    Why do you always use ten stamps for a letter?  Now I am telling you next time you may use 5 cent stamps only.  Do you understand?  If it is too heavy you may add one or two cents again.  One day I received a letter from you with only two cents.  But it still reached my home.  We shall have a good time on our New Year’s day.  Next time I will tell you the customs we have.  This letter is too long, I think. 

    Do you like Base Ball?  I like it very much.  We have Basket Ball, Base Ball, Captain Ball, Tennis, Volley Ball, these five kinds.  Next term we will add Foot Ball too.  Which kind do you like best? 

    Do you like to eat Chinese foods?  Next time I will sent you some candy from China.  Now we have seven rabbits in our school.  Two of them are white and the others are brown and white.  Now I am sending a picture of my cousin.  He is ten years old.  He is studying at school.  Have you ever seen a Chinese shoe?  Would you like to wear it?  I shall close now.  I am sending my hot Love.  With much Love, Your’s Lovingly friend, Park Vung Tsing

Bridgman School  Dec. 28, 1924

Dearest Gladys,

    I was very, very glad to receive your sweet letter.  I sent you a letter two days before I received it.  Now I am answering your questions.  Yes, my friends received the letters which your friends wrote to them.  They have written their letters to them.  I don’t know Miss Madge Sills.  So if you ask her, she don’t know at all.  I am glad that you are serving for Christ.  How many holidays do you have at Xmas?  We have one day for Xmas and one day for New Year (Jan. 1).  After four weeks we shall have our Chinese New Year.  We shall have two weeks at home.  I will send you many things from China at that time.  I will follow our Chinese custom and send greetings on Chinese New Year mostly.  But before our winter vacation we ought to have an examination.  I am very afraid of Botany lesson.  Sometime it is interesting.  Sometime it disturbs my mind very much.


Dearest Gladys,

    I like your Sunday school cards very much that you sent me before.  But I am sorry that the pin you sent me which means “In as Much” I have lost.  I put it on my cloth and I don’t know where it lost.  You wouldn’t scold me, would you?  Because I didn’t take care.  I am sending you some pictures of my Sunday School.  We have 60 girls and boys in my Sunday School.  The girls who come to school every week will get a pencil and one copy book.  So we sending them their presents during Xmas week.  They were very glad. 

    Now I will tell you what we did at Xmas.  The day before Xmas at four o’clock we had a program.  Kindergarden sang and Sunday School children played a story.  Our English teacher told a story.  Primary School sang and the girls [drew names.]  We took the number and got things.  I got a cloth pocket.  Somebody got a pen or a doll.  I like dolls very much but I haven’t got a doll and lost my hope.  And we have a party with our classmates.  On Jan 1. I am inviting my classmates to eat noodles.  I think we will have a happy time on that day.  I like to eat noodles very much.  Do you?  I am sending the program of our community chorus.  Perhaps the fighting will come again.  I am sorry about the fighting and ashamed to tell you. 

    Today is a warm day.  Other churches are having a Xmas program this afternoon.  They have invited us to go and sing a song.  So our chorus will go and I am in this chorus.  Now it is two o’clock. At half past two o’clock we shall go.  So I have half an hour to talk with you.  What result did you get from your examination?  I hope you will answer me soon.  Don’t forget your friend who is far apart with you.  She is thinking of you when you are in dreamland.  Your Loving friend.  Park Vung Tsing [also written in Chinese]  P.S.  Can you pronounce my name?

Bridgman School  Oct. 23, 1926

Dearest Gladys:

    Your letter came to my home long time ago.  My father re mailed it to my school.  I received it with a great joy.  Because I can hear from you again.

    Dear, how about your little sister?  So she got well now?  Give my love to her for me, dear!  I love her very much.  How?  I haven’t seen her.  But I always like to embrace little girls or boys.  Because they are very cute and active.  I have many little friends in my school.

    I am very busy now.  Because this is my last year in this school.  We are the eldest sisters in this school.  So many things should be done by seniors.  We love the Bridgman School very much.  It is as same as our own home.  Now the school is lacking of money.  Because a new building was built in this Summer.  It is a very suitable building for us.  Because every year we have lots new students to come, but the building is not big enough.  It is a very nice building.  It includes a dormitory, dining hall, toilet, bathroom, washroom and  kitchen.  I sleep in the new dormitory.  There are ten rooms in one dormitory.  But we will have a meeting next month.  We will have some programs.  A Chinese play and English play, music, dancing and singing.  Sell tickets to raise money.  We are beginning to practice the English play.  It is a part of “Little Women.”  Do you know that story?  We had read this book two years ago.  It is a very interesting book.  We take the vacations part.  I am one of the actors.  So we are very busy to practice the English play and Chinese play in one time.  Also, we (only seniors) are selling cakes and biscuits, candy and many other things in lunch time.  We use the money for our graduation.  Because before we graduate we must have several meetings and [give] gifts to our dear teacher and our dear school.  It is very expensive for students to do so.  Then by selling these things we can get a little help.  It is very funny.  Every time when we open our shop many students come to us and buy.  We are the clerks.  Teachers come to us and buy from us too.

    Before Christmas we have three meetings to be held.  One for school, one for Y.W. and another for Shanghai Students Union Y.W.C.A.

    Where are you now?  Are you studying or teaching?  I had already finished your present for your birthday.  But your letter came to me was too late.  So now I can’t get any chance to mail item since I am at school.  I shall mail it before Christmas within the Christmas Gift.  So you can receive two gifts during Christmas.  I must mail it by myself.  Because the servant don’t know English.  So I must have to go to the Post office by myself.  Can you give me a picture of yourself this year?  I have taken one last week.  But haven’t developed yet.  Until it was developed I will give you one of mine and the picture of my bedroom.  I spent my whole summer for studying English.  We take Chinese literature, Chinese Grammar, Chinese writing, Chinese history.  Geometry in English, Household arts, Civics, Bible, Literature, Grammar.  They are all English daily.  We are reading The Tale of Two Cities now.  I have read several books this Summer.  Hope you’ll not waiting so long to write me this time.  Thank you for your handkerchief.  Tell me all about yourself.  And ask me any questions you want to.  I am, Your Lovingly friend,  Park Vung Tsing

127 Millar Road, Shanghai   Jan. 6, 1927

Dear American Girls,

    I am sorry, because I had never mail you the pictures which you requested me to.  This morning, I had nothing to do, then I took out the old letters which came from America.  I looked them over.  I read the letter from you which was written by Miss Lois Milam, your classmate.  Then I went out immediately and buy some pictures for you.  I hope that you were interesting to see them.  These are the famous places in China.

    We have fighting in China.  Which is South and North.  The fighting is near Shanghai, also its very close to my home in Hangchow.  The trains are not in regular time.  Most trains are using for soldiers’ camps.  So I can’t go home.

    Our school was closed a week ago because the Weapon Factory is very near our school.  If the North will lose, then the South soldiers were run forward to take the factory.  Then the school will be in dangerous.  From next Monday we shall have our final examination immediately to Thursday.  Every body went home or to their relative’s home.  I am staying at my auntie’s home.  They are very nice to me.  I don’t think I can go home this Chinese New Year vacation.  Our date are differ as yours.  You see, now is your date is Jan. 6 but in our date is Dec. 3rd.  So it’s much differ as yours.

    I shall graduate in High school this coming June. (Your date)  After I finished High school course.  I will teach a year or two.  Then I shall go to study a certain course.

    You may ask any questions if you like to.  I shall be glad to answer you.  Be sure and tell me how many girls in your class.  For I will send you something more from China.  To let you each one can get one.  I hope that I can get a picture of your class.  Sincerely yours, Miss Park Vung Tsing

Bridgman School.   May 30, 1927

My dearest friend:

    Our  Principal loves China very much.  She always say she is a Chinese girl.  She loves us very much.  We also loves her.  When will you come to China?  I am glad to see you at that time and work together.  But now I have decided I shall come to America some day in my life.  I don’t like marry and stay at home.  I like to be a Missionary and go every where if God pleasing.  We shall go home next Saturday.  When your school end?  I write this letter to your home....

    Now I am staying at my Aunts home.  Because we have three days for holiday.  Now I am mailing you a Chinese Umbrella and a Chinese fan.  I don’t know you like it or not.  Now I have do nothing only writing letters and sewing.  My Aunt is a kind woman.  She treats kindly and loves me much.  But I am sorry to say she is a unchristian.  I don’t know what shall I do with her.  I always pray for her, also [for] my Aunt’s father.  Every year spents much money for idols and [illegible word]  My little cousin brother is with me now.  He is a diligent boy.  You have seen his picture. 

    Oh dear friend, I like to tell you something about myself.  I see all the people in China are in

darkness.  We can’t say “all” about most.  When I graduate Bridgman School I teach for two years then go to Bible school for two years.  Then I must do something for China and turn those darkness people to light our Lord Jesus. 

    Now, my dear, I had got many times in sickness.  But God had a good mean in it.  He called me to serve Him at that time when I was 15 years old.  But after while I got well.  I had forgot what I had promised Him and changed my mind.  God loves me.  I got sick about to die.  My father is a doctor.  He took a great care on me, but he thought I never got well.  My mother weeped all day and night, she prayed.  They thought she had got insane.  All my relatives come to my home and visited me.  Preachers come to my home and prayed for me no useful at all.  After God heard my mother’s prayer.  My mother heard a sound That Vung Tsing’s fever would be gone after what date.  Now my mother didn’t tell anybody about the vision.  After that day my fever had lower and lower.  Now I say to my friends and all the people who visited me I said, Now God wants me to do His work and serve Him, Praise God for His sake.  They were all be happy.  Now I got well day by day.  For these reasons I got graduate so late.  But I am glad because God call me and let me be a useful one in the world.... 

    Now, Dear friend, through we are far apart and haven’t seen, but we are Love each other by one big purpose that is “Serve other.”  We ought to be a useful women in this world.  Now I have a friend.  She is going to teach at Sung King.  She had a same mind as me.  So she is my real friend.  Have you any real friend at America?  Write to me as soon as you can, because I am interesting on you.  Remember that I love you.  With Love, Your lovingly friend Vung.

Bridgman School  June 10th [1927?]

My dearest Gladys:

    I have wrote you two letters and sent you a fan, an umbrella and some Chinese embroidered things with Miss Johnson’s package.  Have you received it?  What do you think on these things?  Are you like to have these things?  I don’t know these things are hurted or not, please tell me.  I know you are busying these days.  Are you going to teach at Wesley College next term?  Now I like to tell you some things that we happen on these days.  At May 30 all Chinese boys who are studying in college and High School which are establishing by governor.  They are speaking on the street which is English’s settlement.  They spoke about some things  (1) The English S.W.P. ordered Chinese men, if they want print some books, papers, and some others, they must take the Manuscript to English S.W.P. and must get the answer from them, then they can print.  If not they must judge and not use.  (2)  Add the Wharf Taxation.  (3)  They can’t speak at street corner if three or four people are together.  So all school boys disagreeable for these things, then they spoke in every place in Shanghai.  Told all Chinese people to disagree them.  But some Indian policemen who are controlled by English.  They come and stop them.  They sent a telephone to S.W.P. and asked the general what shall they do with them, those who are speaking.  But the general who is very bad, he was drunk [with] wine and he answered them, shoot gun, then the policemen received the order and shot these school boys.  Then some boys are died.  Now all Chinese, school boys, shops, company, market are all [on] strike and weep for those [who] died [for] their patriotism, and against the English.  Until we can receive a certain errand [?] from England.  So we are in terrible.  But we are all angry on these unjust judgements and that selfish kingdom.  They are very cruel.  How can you put your Kingdom’s rule to be our revolution.  So we are also stop study now.  Our Country are very rich and very old.  We are about several thousand years old.  And [have] many wealth of goods.  And several nature things in China.  But our police are very weak these years.  So Japanese and English are always trying to get places from us.  Don’t you know our most enemy is Japanese?  Americans are very honest and faithful  to China.  So one day Japanese wore the Chinese cloth as a Chinese and throw the bullets on American soldiers.  He was trying to cut our friendship between you and I.  So every Chinese hates Japanese.  I don’t know what shall we do.  But I myself do the work which God have give to me and as His will.  Now many Chinese [do not know] God.  They say why other country treating us so badly it is because the foreigners brought Gospel to China.  So it is just as Matthew 24:3-14, what Jesus told to His disciples, also we are.  Ephs. 6:10-21; 1 Thesslo. 5:1-11; 2 Thess. 1-6; 1 Timothy 4:8-16; 2 Timothy 4:1-9.  These verses are most value to us for this time.  I hope you will look it over and over.  2 Corinthians 4:16-18, these verses that our principal give to us this Sunday. 

    What are you doing this Summer?  Please write to me often this Summer.  I staying at home through this long Summer.  So you must send your next letter to my home.  One of my English teachers will come back to her own home this Summer.  But her home is at Mass.  So I can’t tell her to bring some thing for me to you.  One of my Chinese teachers, she also shall come to American and study at College this Summer.  We all miss her, but the English teacher will come back to China again after a year.  She is our Normal teacher.  So we all liked her for she is an ideal teacher.  Have you give out my name which I have told you for American friend?

    When your school end?  I write this letter to your home.  I have sent my package to your home also.  We take our examination next Monday to Friday.  I have fixed up all my package.  Please tell Miss Buena Good, her friend Kan e Ang had went to Philippine Island for 7th Far East Championship track meet.  She is a member of Volley Ball Team.  She is the star of that team in Shanghai.  She returned to school a few days ago, so she is busy studying for she had lost  months of study.  She will write to her when she finish her studying.  I must stop now for I have write long enough.  With a true Love, Your truly friend, Park Vung Tsing

My dearest friend [no date]:

    I have mailed a letter only a day ago.  Now I like to tell you something about my country & myself.  You asked me about work.  Now I’ll going to tell you as clear as I can.  There are four big kinds of girls in our country. 

    I. The girls they have chance to go to school & study.  If their family is very poor or they had lost care of their own parents.  Of course they have no where to go when school ends.  They must stay at school.  But they are under the school until graduation.  They can [attend?] free. 

    II. Their family is rich & their Parents are educated & most [are] Christians.  They sent their children to school & study.  Some schools are nearer & some are far, as they chose. 

    III.  The country girls they never heard the Gospel, they don’t know [how to] study or any thing about education or anything about [their] country.  They pick tea leaves and work hard at the fields with their family.  But the fields are not theirs.  If I have two hundred Li fields (1 Li = 3 miles in English).  But I live in city & also don’t know how to use it.  I can’t work by myself.  Because things are very dirty & very tired if I do it.  Also my friends will laugh at me.  They think I am too temperant [?].  So I hired these fields to the country men.  They’ll work for me.  Every year they plant the rice.  If I like rice then they’ll give me a certain amount  of rice.  If I like money then they will sell  the rice away and give me dollars.  If this field is very rich every Li can get $30 dollars.  Then the country men shall give me part of it.  We never work.  So the rich girls in China they never work when they are studying, except those [who] are teaching.  The country girls they help their parents until they grow up until 18 or 16 [when] they married.  Not all of them but most of them.  When they marry if they are very poor they can’t get enough money to support their children & their family.  The woman will go out and help others as a servant.  They are very cheap.  Our servant is only $3 a month. Eats and lives in my home.  Men are more high than women.  We have a ricksha man in my home.  When we go out he pulls the ricksha.  We give him $5 a month. 

    IV. Girls they are very rich, they never go to school [and] stay at home most time in bedroom, they never go out.  They are served, they have a teacher at home to teach them until they grow up [and are] married.  Their  parents say, Oh, I miss my child to go to school & study.  Because the girls [are] at school they shall making things by them self.  But these people are most unchristian. 

    Now I’ll tell you about myself.  My dear! I staying at home what am I doing?  I like to help the servants.  Sometimes I cook & sometimes I clean the bedroom by myself.  Sometime I help my Mother to read Bible for her.  I take care of my younger brother.  If there is some one come to my home & find me I must welcome them.  Some times I walk around the garden & watch the flowers we plant.  Now my mother went to Shanghai to take the Bible meeting for ten days.  I keep the house & order the servants to do things which ought to do.  My father is at office.  He’ll come home 5 o’clock afternoon.  He working at the Public police station.  He is a doctor.  If there is some one who is sick to see him at home we sent a telephone to his office, then he’ll come home.  His teacher is an American.  He is very busy these days because the weather is very bad these days.  One day is cold as Sept. weather & one is very hot as summer.  So it makes people sick very easily. 

    I felt very lonely these days.  Last night there was rain until now.  Not stopped.  The sound tip tap noise disturbing me very much.  I like the country life better than city life.  I can’t tell you exactly right as I wish.  But I hope you’ll come to China soon and when you see you can understand very clearly.  If you’ll come to China will your mother stop your coming?  I hope I will come to America some day.  We eat much fruits this summer.  In your date now is July, but in Chinese date is June now.  Have you received the handkerchief which I sent you a month ago?  Now I have a piano at my home.  So I spend my most time to play [it].  I have looked up the story of “Little Women.” Have you looked it?  I think is an interesting story.

    Now I have a Sunday School in my own church every Sunday night.  Because in the day they are working they never come.  So I change to night.  Last Sunday there are forty.  I don’t know tomorrow night.  Now I am writing to you you are sleeping & in Dream.  When I think about it I wonder  very much.  I hoping you will come to China soon.  I see the newspapers.  The America is China’s friend country.  When shall I write to your school?  Are you going to teach at Wesley next term?  I shall spend two years at Bridgman.  Then I shall go to teach two years, then I try find some College or Bible School to study.  But I am fighting now.  I don’t know which shall I choose.  Bible course or Education & Society Course.  I only pray God to show me the way.  I don’t like to marry, anything about marriage.  I wish to travel [to] other country.  After Sept. you must mail letter to my school.

Dearest friend,

    I love you but I can’t see you.  I hope you’ll write to me often this Summer long vacation.  I have decided to take the Summer Conference of Y.W.C.A.  I am the delegate of my school.  But my friends & parents not promise me to go.  Perhaps there will be fighting for the English & Chinese, also Japanese.  Japanese is our big enemy.  They put some poison medicine in the sugar, then hundreds Chinese die this month.  Also they wear the Chinese dress as a Chinese to kill Americans or French & other country people to disturb us.  How cruel they are?  I don’t know what shall China be.  What place shall we stay at last?  I like to ask you some questions, but I don’t know if it will make you unhappy or not.  So I am afraid to ask you.  In Chinese customs we ask some questions [and it does] not matter at all.  But I don’t know how about Americans?  I think I have write enough this time....

29 Vong Sien Jau, Hangchow   April 28st. 1928

My dearest Gladys friend,

    I have not heard from you about a year.  I suppose that you had forgot your Chinese friend now.  I have written you several letters.  Are they all reach you alright?  How are you and your family?  Are you still teaching school?  I am teaching at a school now.  I began to teach since I graduate from Bridgman school.

    Yesterday I attended my cousin’s wedding.  It was very beautiful, even if was raining.  I am teaching here about a year.  We have four teachers in this school.  Have 80 pupils in all.  My home is near the school, so I can go home every day.  I get a bird, a dog and a cat with four little kitties.  I have four gold fishes....

    How is your little sister who gave me the sheep?  Tell her that I put her sheep at my window sill in my room.  I always think of you all when I see the sheep.

    I don’t know what shall I say in this letter as I have not heard from you long time since.  I just write you a few lines to let you know I didn’t forget you even if you forgot me.  Wish to hear from you in the short time.  Lovingly yours, Adella Park  [her “foreign” name]

254 Mokunshang Che Kiang   July 14th ‘28

Dearest Gladys:

    It was a great joy to hear from my old foreign friend again.  I wonder why all the letters I wrote you were lost.  I hope this time we will not break our correspondence again.

    I’ll still teach in We Chong school & [will be] President & Dean one year more.  Even [if ] I don’t want to stay, for it is too busy for me.  Seems too heavy.  But they want me to help them one year more.  Our school ended at the 30th of June.  I came up to the hill here at Mokunshang on the 2nd of July.  I’m teaching a foreign lady Chinese two hours a day.

    It is awfully cool here at the hill.  Many, many foreigners come up to the hill & spend the summer here.  The houses built at the top of the hill.  They are built with great stones.  From my window I can see the green hills & houses with red roofs, bamboos & bushes & trees & valleys too.  There is a public swim pool & tennis courts.  I’m living with two U.S. foreign ladies.  I take foreign food three time a day.  Is that wonderful, that I can eat foreign food too?  I like it.  Every day I go out and take a walk & see the sunset.  Every morning when I get up at six I see all the colored clouds surrounding the hills.  Seems that we were among the clouds.  Is that lovely?  I hope you are having such nice time as I do.  This morning I got up early & went out & take a long walk with my Chinese friends.  I picked lots of flowers with me too.

    I do hope to come to America.  I am desiring to go to America.  But it wastes lots of money.  I don’t know when the chance will come.  How I wish to come to America, then I can meet you.  Maybe I’ll stay with you for a while.  Do you like it?

    Through your letter I find out that you will be married in a short time.  When did you engaged?  I never know that before.  Why don’t you let your friend know?  Won’t you tell me what kind of man you have?  What is he doing now?  Are you going to be married to him very soon?  Tell me all—please.  What are you doing this Summer?  How is your family?  My hearty love to them all.  Please. I’m always your dear friend.


29 Vong Sein Jan, Hangchow   Oct. 29, ‘28

Dearest Gladys:

    It was long time when I got your letter last time.  How are you & what are you doing now?

    I’m still teach in Hangchow.  I teach 6 & 5 & 4 grades.  We have lots of pupils this term.  We are building a new church now.  So our old church has torn down.

    I want to tell you that I was engaged on the 20 of Aug.  The man I engaged to is a Professor of Mathematics.  Now he is teaching at Shanghai College.  (Last time in your letter you told me that maybe you were engaged.  Have you engaged yet?  I’ll be very glad to know it.)

    We have no war at China now.  South & North are all together now.  The Southerners won.  So the Northerners were defeated.  I wish that we will  have no more wars in China afterwards.  Because we had enough wars.  Thousands of people were killed in the war.

    I saw in the newspapers that you are selecting the new President.  Which do you like?  Hoover or the other man?  I heard several foreign friends said they like Hoover better than the other man. 

    Would you like to have something from China this Xmas?  What do you like?  Maybe I can send them to you. 

    I have my hair bobbed.  Don’t you know it?  I heard somebody say that you are growing your hair at U.S.A. now.  How about your hair?

    I think I have written enough this time, so I’ll stop, but wish will hear from you very soon.  Remember that I love you.

Sien Jan, Hangchow   Dec. 2nd ‘28

My dearest Gladys:

    You letter was received with a great pleasure.  Very glad to know that you will be married to a very nice man.  Tell that man for me please.  Your Chinese dearest friend says: “She is very glad & have much comfort, for her friend is giving to a very nice man as an everlasting company.”

    You must let me know your wedding [date].  I’ll send you something very beautiful from China.  Are you going to write me anymore when you had get married?  I am afraid you wouldn’t.  Because you have to take the household & take care of your darling babies?  What is your man doing now?...

North Faith Johnson School   Changshu  Feb. 22. ‘30

Dearest Friend:

    “Kong She, Kong She.”  That is Chinese saying means congratulate you!  I was very glad to hear that you are married.  Why didn’t you send me your wedding picture?  Tell me your love story in your next letter.  How do you know him?  What is he doing now?  Won’t you tell me them all?  I am still teaching.  I like teaching better than get married.  I am afraid I’ll have lots to bind me after I married.  So I’ll wait awhile.

    I can imagine your happy, cozy home when I read your letter.  How I wish I could fly to you just have a peep from your window.  Are you going to have a baby born?  If you do please tell me earlier [and] I’ll send you something for your baby.

    Do you know how long we have been correspondents?  7 years we write each other.  I hope you will come to China.  Then we’ll meet together & work together.  I hope sometime your husband will bring you to China.  Millions of Americans here in China are having a good joy & a pleasant time.  Write me if you love me. 

April 20 ‘30 

    ...I am lazy now, as I have been teaching for three years.  So I am afraid to go to school.  I don’t know what shall I do then.  I have a big fighting in my heart during these days.  I am praying Him to choose the best one for me.  He knows everything better than anyone else.I think I am too selfish because I am afraid to marry and have a home myself and bound me.  I don’t know when the day is!...

Zangtuk Girls School  Soochow  Dec. 13 ‘33

My dearest Gladys:

    What a lazy fellow I am!  You must not blame when you learn out all sorts of reasons why I didn’t write you.  I am very busy all the time.  Though I have lots of things to tell you in my mind, I don’t know which one shall I tell the first.  About two years I have not written you.  Well, during these two years I had very hard time to arrange running a school by a self support condition.  This school belongs to the Methodist Mission and it was supported by the mission.  As soon as the economic trouble arrived, this school & all the Mission schools got into a very bad condition.  Lots of schools stopped running for that cause.  Our school, the school I am running now, has stopped support from the Mission since the fall of this year..  I had very hard time holding it by self supporting.  Now we have more pupils than last year, so we received more school fees from them.  It is just enough to carry on for one term from the fees we received.  But don’t know what will happen next year.

    China is in a very bad condition now.  The civil war never ceased & don’t you know that Japanese is always trying to get land from China.  That is very unfair to fight a weak country by their strong army.  Though China is not right to have civil war always, but that’s our own affair.  Japanese had no right to blame China.  So the antiJapan movement is so strong here in China.  One word I can say is, China is lacking of money & education.  Have you studied Chinese geography, that China has gold, iron mines?  But no money & nobody to dig open it. 

    I don’t want to tell you too much about our country & less about myself.  The boy friend I had before has quit, because he likes to gamble & all sorts of games that I dislike.  He has married a woman who has no education.  After this I have to be very careful to get boy friends.  At some time I am very busy, so I have no chance to have time to get boy friends.  Well, how many children do you have now?  Is your husband still working at home?  From the picture I can see that he is an honest boy. 

    Dear!  I am trying hard to make enough more money to go oversea sometime.  Then I wish to see you too.... 

Zangtuk Girls School  Soochow  March 15 ‘34

My dearest Gladys:

    I was more than delighted to read your letter which has come a month ago.  I am very sorry for I had delay in writing you.  But I wish we’ll connect up our broken correspondent friendship again.  Though I have not written you very often I always have you, my correspondent friend, Gladys, in my mind.  If I have forgotten you then I won’t send you any snap shot of myself.  From the above proof you have to believe that I am still your dearest friend in China, and you are still my dear one in America.  I always love you & still love you.  In one word I should say that I am too busy!

    Well, Gladys, how long has our friendship carried on?  I first received your letter when I was in eighth grade in Junior Middle School.  Just close your eyes & think how young I was at that time.  You must think that I am old now.  Seven years I have been teaching in school since I graduated from Shanghai Bridgman Senior Middle School.  I am 28 years old now.  Gladys, let me tell you some good news.  Probably I have a chance to come to America & study in Tennessee at Scarette College.  Is that grand!  One of my friends is writing a letter to the principal of that college & apply for a scholarship.  Dear Gladys, I have raised $3000 in Mexico dollars.  That is about $1000 in gold.  That is enough for my trip & other expenses.  But I am sure the tuitions are very expensive.  If I can’t have the scholarship, then I think I have no hope.  In two more months I can find out the reply.  When the reply comes I have to work another year & wait until 1935.  You are my own friend in U.S.A.  So you must help me in lots of things.  Help me to find works to do in the vacation time to earn money to support my board.  Won’t you be glad for me?  I must come to see your home & your husband too.  Is that wonderful, that we can meet each other after our long correspondence?

    I have 240 pupils in my school this year.  Here I have a girl in sixth grade.  She writes a letter to any of your little friends who likes to have a Chinese girl.  I enclose her letter in mine.  In last letter you said, “I can’t wait until you can come to America.”  Do you believe that?  Can you wait until I can come in 1935?  My parents are still living in Hangchow, my native province.  I don’t want you send me anything now, because I want to come myself.... The bell has rung.  I have to go to classroom.  Fresh love to you.

January 7 ‘35

    Gladys, you will think I’ll be an old maid, won’t you?  Well, I still have no boy friends yet.  The marriage here in China this time is very hard.  In the old customary [way] Chinese  parents try to find a husband for their daughter & a wife for their son.  During this time the boy & girl have no suggestions or any objections to give.  The parents will find out the character for both.  In such condition so many families are not happy.  But the new customs here in China now [is] that some of the families allow their boy or girl have marriage liberally.  Very few chances for a girl to know lots of boys.  In knowing them give you the chance to understand each other, so you can fall in love or make friends.  So you see, now we are in the middle of the river.  The other side is old & the other side is new & we can’t reach to either one.  So many fine girls are getting older & older.  They can’t find an ideal husband.  You [can] let your parents to choose one for you, but that means you are sacrificing yourself.  Dearest Gladys, I’ll not marry until I find a good man.  You are lucky to be wife of a good man.  Very seldom good man you can get.  Some good men, they have no property or not enough money to support a family.  If I married to an unhappy home, I rather like to pass my life in self supporting & single standard.  What do you think of my idea?

    Dearest Gladys, I want you to send me a scarf from America.  Either silk or anything.  I like to have a pretty one.  I am sending you some silk embroidery which is done by hand work.  Please put it up in a frame.  I am sending it to you as a picture so it won’t cost much duty.  Write me soon & send me a picture of yourself & your husband too.  Lovingly, Park V.T.

March 26 ‘35 

Dearest Gladys:

    It was a great joy to get your good letter when I came back to the work from home.  I was quiet busy during the vacation.  So I spent the vacation in school & tried to finish up my work.  We are planning to collect a sum of money for rebuild our kindergarten.  Ask the parents of our pupils to help for this movement.  We have started, but don’t know what will the result be.  I always have a hard time in my works.

    Your good, beautiful scarf came when I am having my 30 birthday celebration.  The color you chose is just my favorite.  My favorite colors are blue, brown, green or gray.  So the color you chose is just one of my favorite colors.  Can you imagine how happy I was when your package comes?  I showed to all my friends & they all like it.  Everybody says:  It’s awfully pretty.

    I had read your letter over & over.  Dearest Gladys!  Through the letters it seemed that we had been together for long time.  Something like we were very affectionate with each other.  Aren’t we?  But we really are good friends, faithful, sincere, love, & true.  Though we have not seen each other, we have a same kind ideas.  People will not believe that we have not seen each other, just a pair of correspondent friends.

    I am happy for you Gladys.  You are having a happy home.  Everything is so smooth.  Dear, I shall remember you in my prayers.  Ask Him to bless you forever.  Tell your husband that your Chinese friend is so proud for him to have a nice hostess like you.  To made a home comfortable & to save money are both important in a person’s life.  You know how to pass your life days.

    I don’t know when I can come to see you.  You just pray for this if it is His will.  He’ll open a way for me to do it.  My parents are all well at home, just as same as long before.  My brother is growing up very tall & he goes to school at Hangchow.  I have never told you that my mother adopt a girl as my sister.  She found with no parents.  So my parents accept her as one of our own people in home.  She is six years old now.  She is very bright & sweet.  We all like her, but my brother has a little jealousy of her.  Poor girl don’t know anything about herself at all.

    How is your sister?  Remember me to your mother, sisters & everybody in your home....

Hangchow  Aug. 3 ‘36

My dearest Gladys:

    I really was too bad to stop in writing with you.  But something [came] in my mind to make me to write you immediately.  In your former letter, you told me that you are going to have a darling baby on this very day.  My mind is wish my best American friend who is going to have a terrible time today.  I pray for you, hope everything is going on very fine and smooth.  I can sympathize the happiness with you because you ought to have a baby now.  I think it will be lonesome for you both if you have no baby after the long time marriage.  So here I congratulate you for the new born baby!  [Gregory]

    Yes, I got your letters and a piece of cloth you sent.  Of course, I like everything you send me.  I still remember what you told me about, to tell you what I like to have from America.  Well, I wish if you could buy a fountain pen for me.  I don’t want the point too sharp, as the one I have now.  If you are in convenience to go to street.  So I want you to buy one for me.  Thanks!

    I was too busy during this whole school year.  I worked too hard to raise a sum of money to build a new kindergarten.  After the money has raised we put up the new building, then on May we have the new house celebration.  Then we published 1000 copies of Twenty Fifth Anniversary memorandum.  I am sending you one too.

    For nine years teaching I must have a rest.  So I am going to study in University this fall.  After two years studying in China I hope I could have a chance to go to America.  We have been friends for about fourteen years.  But we have never seen each other.  Though we have not seen each other, but our friendship is not lesser than the friends we have seen and met every day.  How I wish to see you sooner so we can ask and talk as much as we wish.  Aren’t we?

    I am staying at home with my parents and my brother and my little sister this summer.  I spend most of the time in studying and reviewing the old books.  That must be very hard for me to go to school & study again because I have been teacher & be a principal for nine years.  I wish I’ll be a very obedient student.

    I am going to study in Soochow University.  In your next letter please address my name in Chinese Miss Park Vung Tshing.  Please do not write Miss Adella Park.  Because I registered as Park Vung Tshing.  Hope you’ll keep this address & write me soon.  Also let me know the baby you got.  Boy or girl?  Send me some pictures if you have any.  Ending with much Love.

Soochow University  Nov. 24 ‘36

Dearest Gladys:

    You can never imagine how happy I was to get your Baby announcement.  Also your letter came quite long time ago.  Yes, I am really too bad to delay in write you.  I expect you to spank me when you have a chance to see me.  I bought a pair of shoes for your baby as soon as I received the announcement, but it is still in my suitcase.  I am laughing now because of the above things I write you.  That make my roommate asking me why I am laughing.  So I tell her how bad I am to treat a friend like that.  I bought the album too.  I make up my mind to send them to the post office this Saturday when I go out.  I hope the shoes will suit your baby.  He is really a darling baby.  Thanks lots for the picture you give me.  I put it on my desk under a glass.  I am very happy for you both.  Because people who married for many years ought to have children to warm up their home.  Take good care of your baby.  I know you have been a good wife for many years.  Now, besides a good wife, you also have to be a good mother.  This I know you will!

    I like to tell you something about school.  I am a regular Freshman student in here.  Every week I have 20 lessons to take.  Because I stopped studying too long.  So it finds difficulty to make up again.  I feel so isolation & everything seems not convenient as I was a teacher.  Sometimes I was so discouraged.  You’ll feel so different to be a student after you have been teaching long.  I’ll make everybody & myself disappointed if I drop from here.  Everybody is expecting me to finish the College work, then I can have a wider way to serve for the society.  So these things really pushes me to go on.  I hope you’ll encourage me too.  I cannot concentrate my mind in books.  Always have some thing in my mind to interrupt me from studying....

March 7 ‘37

    ...The picture of your son was received yesterday.  He is such a pretty and big boy.  Very glad to know that he can wear the shoes I sent.... Very happy to know that your husband is putting up a store in your town.  I wish someday he will have something from China to sell.  I can be your manager in China to trade anything you want.  At same time I am sending you my cordial congratulations and best luck to your trading....

Soochow University  July 26 ‘37

Dearest Gladys:

    I wish you will not blame me for my laziness.  I really was too busy.  I just came back from the conferences.... All my home folks are fine and they want me to send you their love.  What are you doing this summer?  It is very hot here and the war with Japan is aroused again in North.  I hope Japan will stop their robbing in China.... Since China is united under one leader she has the power and ability to [stand] against those who are robbing and against China.  Chinese love peace, hate war, but China is not a fool.  She will fight with those who are unjust and those who first start war with China.  Japanese civic do not want make war with us.  This is Japanese Military who wants to try their military instruments.  What is your attitude toward Japan?

    I am still planning to go to School and study next term.  I find some work to do in the afternoons to help me out from the financial problem.  You may send my mails to Soochow University as you did before.  Write me when you can. 

345 Mokangshein Chekiang  Sept. 14 ‘37

My dearest Gladys:

    I am sure you have read in your newspapers about the war between China and Japan.  I wished to write you sooner, but I was so restless after the war broke out.  I was at Soochow [when] the Japan airplanes came to Soochow & bombed.  Our planes fought with them in the air.  I ran out from Soochow as a refugee to here on Aug. 17.  This is a hill where people come to spend the summers.  I came here & spent 2 weeks in friend’s home.  The airplanes also went to Hangchow, my home city, & bombed.  Our city near the airplane station.  The station was bombed by Japanese.  My mother and my brother & sister all ran away to the country.  My father works in the Hangchow Municipal Hospital so he could not leave his duty.  He is tired out with the wounded soldiers.  I went home on 5 of Sept.  I found out my mother was very excited & my brother couldn’t go to school.  Then I came back to the hill (mountain) again.  Now I rent a house.  My brother & sister we all here.  They go to school every day.  I am teaching in a school.  This school is opened especially for the refugees.  My mother will come to see us today.  Here are 200 American refugees.  Most of them are missionaries.  The American Council has [sent] a letter to them [and] urges them to leave here as soon as possible.  Well, I don’t know what will happen to me, to all of us, later on.

Dearest Gladys,

    I have so many things to tell you about this war, but I don’t know what shall I tell first.  China is fighting with Japan only for self-protection.  China has so many civil wars before we had united.  Japan was so jealous of our unification.  We have a Christian leader, General Chiang Ka Shai.  Under him China united.  Japan is afraid, that if China can unite & [be] under one leader for five years, China shall be a strong country.  She’ll lose her unseen violent invasion in China.  Therefore she must start war with China without declaration.  Our leader likes peace and had been patient for all what Japan had done in China, because he said, China wants peace.  China does not want war.  Japan sent countless soldiers in north into our boundary.  They burned Chinese houses, killed Chinese people.  Chinese soldiers [fought] against them & started the war.  They requested China to give them the North part of China.  Aug. 11 Japanese soldiers rushed into the Chinese airport in Shanghai & were stopped by Chinese guards.  Japanese soldiers started to shoot these guards.  These Chinese guards shoot on Japanese soldiers.  Then Japan took the chance & started war with China on Aug. 13.  They sent 148 war ships to Shanghai.  The airplanes to all places and bombing all the cities.  They are not only bombing the soldiers, also the refugees, Red Cross, hospitals, schools.  The foreign news papers in China cannot find a definite word to express their low moral acting, so they said Japanese are murderers.  Well, I am very glad that China can hold her lines strongly one month already.

    You’ll always hear from me if I am not bombed, but I’ll go out to do my duty when time comes.  I shall live if China remains, otherwise I rather sacrifice myself with the country which has 5000 years of past history.  But I want you also remember, never buy Japanese things.  If you do you are helping them to make the weapons to kill Chinese, to kill your friend!  I am sorry for these Japanese Militaries because the Japanese citizens do not want have war.  They like to do business with China.  China is willing to be friend and sell & buy with any other country if she is willing & loyal.  Please don’t think that I have said too much about Japan.  Foreigners who had been in China, now they understands the situation.  Must bid you goodbye.  Pray for China & me.

Kiangse Province  Jan. 14 ‘38

My dearest Gladys:

    [Above the date]  Japanese will kill me immediately if they found me, because I am strong & educated.  They will insert me like ___________; so I must get away.  Our Soochow University was also burned & bombed.

    It is my second letter since the war explodes.  I left the hill where I wrote the first letter from Hangchow, home.  Then I left Hangchow with my brother whom I want send him to school which is far from the war territory.  After I left him a month, Hangchow was fallen at the hand of Japanese.  China is trying to extend the war line to weaken the Japan’s Military.  I still cannot find a safer place to put my brother in school.  I have been traveling about 800 miles from home.  I don’t know where are my parents.  It may be the house has been burned by the Japanese.  My parents might left Hangchow before the Japanese has get into the city.  I lost everything.  Now I am going to start a new journey to Shanghai which is in the Hunan Province.  People told me there are some schools.  After I put him into school, then I’ll begin to think to put myself too.  I may join the army and do some service.  Well, my dear, you can imagine how a refugee look like.  I have my ambitions, my energy, my everything, to serve my country in a Christian way, though it looks we have lost so many pieces of land.  Never mind, this way is fighting for the right, for peace.  There was not such a war in Chinese history that stirs everyone in the country & makes everyone take part in the war like this one.  Japan has prepared 60 years to conquer China, but China was so busy with her own business in the country.  China was just united one year & Japan was so afraid our unification so that the war was opened without any announcement!  This is the time for Chinese revival.  After five months war they can get nothing only some vacant land, and there are still 4/5 in Chinese hand.  The news during these days are very good in Chinese side.  The Chinese part is very active in Hangchow.  May be we will get over Hangchow from them in the near future.  I am cut off from all my friends & home folks, but I am still have contact with God.

    Japanese kills all the innocent people who have not business with the war.  They are so cruel without any humanity.  I am so sorry for them because they shall receive their reward from God, also from everybody.  Most countries except Italy are sympathetic with Chinese, because their cruel deeds.  We play game, we have to keep the rule, but they are so mad about the rule.  You must have read from your newspaper about the war.  If you are my friend, a

person who has righteousness, you must think of some way to do something with this war.  Tell your friends not to buy Japan goods.  If you do, you are helping them to kill us & increase their dishumanity deeds.  Your dearest friend.

20 Zang Tuk Street, Changsha, Houan  Jan. 31 ‘38

My dearest Gladys:

    It is my third letter since the war breaks.  I wish you had receive them all.  Now I am here at Changsha with my home folks.  My parents got my address from one of my friends, so they got to our place without any trouble.  They certainly had a terrible trip.  Of course, we had a good time to be reunited again.  We are still planning to go on for our safety.  We lost our home & everything.  We only bring out the things we can take along.  Well, the new China shall be built in the near future.  Pray for us all.

    One of my friends who is about 20 years old, she is very anxious to have a foreign friend....  I’ll let you know my further plan after I make my last decision.  The war between China & Japan is still carrying on just the same.  China won’t give them any land.  You must write us. 

Moore Memorial Church  Shanghai   Aug. 22 ‘38

My dearest Gladys:

    I hope you had all my letters which I wrote when I was in the interior.  I wonder whether you had send me any reply or not.  It may lost them.

    I left Changsha which is thousand miles from here 5 months ago.  I couldn’t find any work or study in Changsha, so I left there by train to Kwangtung then to Hong Kong to Shanghai.  I spent about 10 days on the trip.  It was a dangerous one.  The train always stopped & hid among the rocky mountains for the air raids.  It was lucky because we only had several sirens but not bombs.

    My father & mother, my sister & brother, left Changshai.  Now they are at Kwang Yang.  It is 10,000 miles from our own home.  That place is full of Rocky Mountains, very good for avoid the air raids.  They are so poor just like refugees.  I am awfully sorry because they couldn’t come with me to Shanghai.  Shanghai people is protected by the foreign settlement, but the living is awful.  All the rich people & other refugees just fill every corner in Shanghai.  I come here to continue my school in the Soochow University, as it is opening in Moore Memorial Church.  Our school is bombed.  The principal of our school offers me a scholarship so I can carry on my school work.  I get very little work in the refugee camps every week to help out my room & board. 

    My dear, I have so many things in my mind to tell you, but cannot.  Mails have to be opened in some where on the way to your place.  The speaking & writing lost its freedom but it is just for the present.  Every body in China trust deeply that the victory shall belong to China any way at last.  Write to your friend in this isolated island.  She is way off from her home & parents.  I am always your good friend.  Pao Vung Tsing 

    Enclosed page] 50,000 refugees waited the train at the station in Shanghai.  They bombed them & 5,000 were killed.  Here are some questions I want you think them over.  Then they’ll help [you] understand what has Japan done in China?

    1.  What would you do if a country sends out number soldiers to your country without your permission?

    2.  What would you do if the foreign soldiers want to go to your any organization, important stations, which are not allowed to enter to anybody?

    3.  What would you do if some one comes to your home and tempt your young children who has not well education yet to smoke opium and other poison stimulants?

    4.  What would you do if some one has killed a people himself, but he pointed you as a guilty?

    5.  What would you do if some one struck you, but not allowed to move a finger at him?

    6.  What would you do if some other peoples air plane comes into Texas and throw the bombs & kill all the innocent ones?

    7.  What would you do if Japan send some air raids into your country and destroy all the colleges, middle schools, hospitals & Red Cross & refugees? 

    Please think them over with your just justification.

World War II Ends

    1946: [a post card from San Francisco, then a letter on Boston University stationery]  Spent one day at S.F. & took train from S.F. to New Y. & spent one day at N.Y. & then train to Boston.  I was in this train for 6 nights & days. Of course, it a long way to cross your state from East to West.

    I like your country very much.  The people here are so nice to me.  I am the only Chinese in this dormitory & I think here are only very few Chinese students among 25,000 students in B.U.  I like your people & your people like me.... Last night I came home in wet & read your letter with great appreciation for your earnest love & warm to me.  My, my, it recalls all of our young ages back.  Just imagine, it was about more than 20 years ago we started our correspondence.  I was a junior middle school.  I valued our friendship very much.  My cold, lonesome room was warmed up by your letter last night & my tears came down.... I was a little bit of home sick.  This is my first time since I left China feel really home sick.

    Well, let me tell you something else.  My mother is very old & weak.  She thought she couldn’t stand to see me off at the wharf, so she didn’t come to Shanghai.  My father is alright, but he has the ulcer trouble all the time.  My brother worked during the war time.  Now he is going to school again.  He is taking the architecture [course] from Hangchow College.  My sister is in school.  She’ll be a kindergarten teacher next year.  My house is still in Hangchow but is terrible [after] 8 years war.  This house was occupied by the puppet govt officer.  All the furniture gone & it need rebuild again.... 

    Just imagine your son [Gregory] is 10 years old now.  Please give him & your little son [Gary] my love and remember me to your husband.  Tell him that I know you long time before he did!  Well, I wish I can meet you all in the near future.  Goodbye & much love to you, Gladys.  I am yours as ever, Vung-Tsing

334 Bay State Road, Boston  Oct. 8th ‘46

Dearest Gladys:

    How happy I am when I saw your letter is waiting for me in my letter box just as I came home from school!  I told lots of “Jokes” here about you.  They all surprised a friend of 20 years writing each other but have never seen each other.

    Well, Gladys, don’t worry too much about my plan of coming to see you.  We’ll see each other.... Anyhow I cannot go to anywhere, as I am having heavy schedule on front of me.... I am a Chinese, speed of reading & writing is terrible, but I must try hard.  I hope I can make profit out of it.  They put my name in the front page of the B.U. newspaper.  They really too nice to me.  They honor a Chinese like that.  A Chinese must grab the chance & learn as much as she can.

    Gladys, how I appreciated your lovely thought of trying make money for my traveling!  You really treat me too nice.  Well, we both wait with patience.  The day will come.  It is easy & not so long.  I asked the director how far & how much to Texas & she just shook her head & say “No, O, no!  You cannot go to Texas.  It will take you many days & lots of money too!”

    I was in hurry & was not sure whether I can leave China or not because it is awfully hard to get the passport & visa now.  I did not write you but I took a picture of you with me.  It was taken in 1936 (10 years ago) with your address on.  Send me one of your pictures which you took recently....   

    Gladys, you must spend a part of your life time in visiting.  According my own experiences, traveling, visiting, really means lot to a man.  You must see how God creates this big universe.  It’s beautiful, lovely.  You must make a decision for that with your husband....

    I was in the occupied area.  My parents & family were in the war capital (Free China).  The way was cut off by the Japs.  So I cannot go to their place & I have no work as my plan was uncertain.

    1.  Waiting for the chance to go to Free China.  2.  Hard to find a job without had connection with Japs.  I was bewared by the Japs & the puppet govt during that time.  They thought I was an underground worker or ProAmerican party.  Oh, lots of stories to tell.... If you have no little baby, it will be nice to have you come to Boston & see me!  Goodnight! 

Boston  Oct. 27th ‘46

Dear Gladys:

    Thank you for your lovingly letter & I appreciate all your good meanings & love very much.... Oh yes, I do treat myself.  Every Friday I go to Chinatown with another Chinese girl for Chinese meal at night.  I haven’t seen a show or any these sorts of things.... Through these details [of] daily life you can tell what is your friend’s favorites & her character.  From the external expression you can tell the inner personality patterns.  That’s the social theory (one of them).  Do you understand that?

    About my love affairs.  Oh, I had an awful time because I am too strong in will & shrewd insight (may be), so cooled off....  I don’t think I’ll ever get married as my will & sight are strong and far, and am so interested in work.  Many good friends.  You’ll look after me too when I am getting very old, bent, blind & deaf.  Aren’t you?  Your husband will laugh when you read this description.  Anyhow God takes care of me and I myself will take care of and have intimate friends to keep company.  Who will be willing to sacrifice their young energetic “I” [for] an old horse (missionary) in the cold barn without any care?... Well, I said too much about that.

    Happy birthday to my dear Gladys.  Sorry you didn’t let me know earlier.  I’ll make it up for you.  I want study, so I am not going anywhere though my teachers (who taught in China) in New York wrote me twice asking me to go there, but I am definitely decided that I’ll stay in school...wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.  Does your husband own a farm & has plantation & training the animals?  Wish he has a good harvest.  I am yours, Vung-Tsing

Boston   Dec. 7th ‘46

Dearest Gladys:

    Thank you for your letter & I am so happy because you never failed me.  You know I am busy so you are so generous to write even though I failed to write back.

    This is my third month in Boston, so I started my acquaintance with people, Japanese, Chinese (raised here), German & American.... Oh, we had a happy fellowship & I was really too excited.  I told them about our 20 years correspondent but never seen each other.  Oh, Gladys, how I wish if your home is near here or I am near you, so we’ll have good time too.  People here from the South told me that it’s very hard to make friends with Bostonians because they are very much reserved, so I am so happy because at least I have make some friends with Bostonians....

    Gladys, there is God.  He is with us and never fails us.  So I am trust him.  I’ll have another exam next week.  I spent my Thanksgiving for reading & term papers finished.  Now I have to be ready for the finals....  Thank you for asking me what I want or need.  You are really very thoughtful.  I wish you’ll make a dress Pajama which is like this...put cotton inside so I can wear it in my room while I am studying during the cold winter.. I like color old rose, green, blue....  I wish you’ll make some aprons for me & my mother when I go home.... That makes me think of this, “Oh, I’ll ask Gladys to do some for me as I know she is good mother & housewife.”  Send me something from your own farm too.  Oh Gladys, I wish I can see you right now so I’ll tell you lots of things which is very interesting to me.  Don’t make any hats for me because I don’t wear hat.  Every morning when I go to school & sit in the car & watch the ladies with different kinds of hats makes me laugh because they are too cute but with no real, or say practical, use.... I wonder if your husband will agree with me too.  The hat for American ladies are waste.  You’ll find I am silly too, are you?  Gladys, I must stop this time because I want study....

Boston   Dec. 20th ‘46

Dearest Gladys:

    Both of your letters were received with appreciation.  I am very busy during these days...ready to face the Finals....  I attended 4 parties and made 4 speeches and sang Chinese songs to them.... I will write you in detail when I have time.  I love you the most...and don’t worry too much for me.  I am alright and getting along fine.  Dearest Gladys, how I wish if I can spend my first Christmas with you, but the school work and the time and expenses are not allowed us yet.  The twenty years friendship really means lot to me and I think you are counting on that too.  Please tell your friends, those who are doing things or writing letters to me, that I like Americans very much.  Though I have not seen them before, but through their kindness I can tell they are nice people.  It is really my honor and privilege to have known them through you.... I will keep my promise to keep the package until  Xmas.  I am sure your nice package will be waiting for me when I come home.  So that will be my best and last treat, it is from you!  I mentioned to the groups about our long years friendship in my speeches.  So you will be happy and proud too.  Aren’t you?  With my best love and best wishes to your whole family.  Yours as ever, Vung-Tsing

[Written on two cards]

Dearest Gladys:

    With this note I want to express my deep love to you & you must remember  how much & deep I love you for years & now I only wish that we can see each other & talk to each other.  Oh, you’ll be tired & worn out when you really have me at your home because I want to tell you everything.  Right now I am in a terrible time.  From 10-16 of Jan. I have exams almost every day.  Oh, I hate these exams.  Because___too many reasons that I cannot tell you fully in the letter.  I am sorry I speak out what really is in my mind. “Hate” is just a word to let you be sure that I love you and care you as ever, & you are the first one American girl friend among all.  I am planning to go to N. Y. for my next years plan.  I wish you were here though we have never seen each other, during these last two months my heart is so warm whenever I talk about you.  Will write you.  Please do write me often.  I enjoy your letter & I appreciate & love to read your letters.  Oh, I only wish if I can jump over to your place right now.  You’ll forgive me for my neglecting during the time of war, won’t you?  Yes, I was bad....  I’ll send you table cloth along with the tea napkins.  They are hand made.  The material on the fan is silk.  Hand painting by Chinese artist....

Boston  Jan. 22nd ‘47

Dearest Gladys:

    Got your letter when I came from N.Y.... I felt so sick...fever 103 degrees.  Just imagine!... If your place is as near as N.Y. to Boston we had already been seen each other.... I cannot leave school for that long.  Gladys, you know.... Oh, I like your house very much.  I like plain and have vacant ground around the building.  I like your boys too.  You know I am very selfish, always enjoy & appreciate myself, never share with other, & neglect answer questions.  Today I got a letter from friend in China & she asked the same question several times.  I always forget to answer so today she put capital letter on Please don’t forget answer the following questions in your next letter!  Yes.  I need scolding.  Really I wish I can see you soon.  It is not because I don’t care.... Besides studying I have some washing.... I never had such a busy life in my life.  The house mother is always very much worried about my health.  I eat very little & went bed late.... Now I have to plan carefully the second year’s work.... I am telling very personal things to you & count on you as my best & most sincere friend, also my own sister.  Through your letters I already know you are a very practical lady & a very nice good ideal mother & wife.  I am practical & not worldly too.  I very seldom go out, never been to a night club or evening date....

    A letter from home my father today.  They are all well & miss me very much.  Because ten years we been wandering in West China had a hard life.  This is the first China New Year (Jan. 21st) in old home, everybody is home except me.  I too had the same thought.  Chinese count on China New Year very much.  I must stop now & hope to hear from you soon....  P.S. Remember me to your husband & kids.  They are very handsome & nice looking boys.

Memorial Hospital, Boston  Jan. 31st ‘47

Dearest Gladys:

    ... Broken my knee.  Hurt quite badly.... Next week I am going to have an operation.  Everything is new experience to me....

Boston   May 9th ‘47

Dearest Gladys:

    I am very sorry because I neglected you for long time again.  If you are here in Boston you will know how much I am busy now.  I think sometimes I am not a human because I neglected so many people who are so nice to me.  I just had my comprehensive exams through.  It took me one week, one course on each day....

    Now Gladys, I will enjoy you and your family and plantation and rest more than anything else.  You will find me that I am a very practical person.  I am not serious and very common.  Of course, I like to see Texas for the people here do not favor too much about South and other parts of your country.... I think when we meet each other we will have some special feeling.  Do you think so?  My commencement will be May 26.  How I wish if you and your husband will be here and attend my commencement.  But I want you to save money for my trip and others.... The Board of the Methodist Missions asked me attend different conferences this summer for cultivate the international relationship, which I know is worth while to do so.... 

    Now let me tell you something about my future plan.  I am applying a scholarship from Columbia University Teachers College.  So I am planning to be in New York this fall.... Oh, Gladys, you know money inflation is very high now.  25,000 Chinese dollars to change your money one dollar.  I cannot ask my parents to spend lots of money to change me one hundred your dollars to send it to me.  The living standard in China is terrible now.  I wrote to my friends to delay their coming if they don’t have much money at hand.  I know that the prices are going up in your country too since I got here. Boston is very expensive.... Boston is still very cold.... They told me that Texas is a very warm place.  I think they have prejudice about Texas.  The Bostonians are too proud of their Boston.  It is very interesting to hear them discussing the South and North sometimes....

Boston  May 28th ‘47

Dearest Gladys:

    Thank you very much for your gift and the letters.  You are always very generous to me because you always excuse me for delaying answer your letters.  I just don’t know how to tell you the date of coming to visit you in Texas.... My schedule for this summer is filled up from June 10 to 30 of August.  I have to work for my further study in Columbia T.C.  I [was] granted a tuition scholarship.... Everybody here knows that I am going to visit my friend in Texas this summer, but things come out like that.  I feel so upset and shame too.... Goodbye and hope you will write me before I leave Boston for New York on June 10....

Boston  June 4th ‘47

Dearest Gladys:

    Read your sweet letter this afternoon and I wish I could do something that can bring me to your place and visit my beloved friend, Gladys.  First of all, I want to tell you truly and honestly, and also definitely, that I must see you before I leave for China.  No, I will not study so hard or have so many to study as I did here in Boston.  You know I got my master degree from B.U.  The courses I will take from Columbia T.C. are just for me [to] make up courses for education work when I go back to China.... I hope I can make a trip to your place on Christmas.... Gladys, I think the longer we expected to see each other the more sweet we will feel when we actually see each other.  I myself feel so bad too because of this changing, but I cannot help it....

    Today I had a very nice drive to Plymouth where your pilgrims first landed.  Then we went to the Tool House where they serve the best food in Boston.  Had a very nice drive, but I am thinking of Texas—you and your family almost all of the time after I read your sweet letter.  Poor Gladys, I think I am too bad.  I hope you will forgive me for being so unfortunately located far away from you.  Well, sometimes the world seems too small and very easy to meet, but seems too big between you and me.

    I feel quite irritated these days too.  You know I have to travel six states in your country this summer.  New York to New Jersey, to Pennsylvania, to Indiana, to Maryland, to West Virginia.  In W.V. I will shift to many different camps within one and half month.  I know I will enjoy the trip, but the unstable life shifting around is too tired.  Chinese enjoy the stable life....   Well, maybe I will enjoy it, will have unexpected fun probably....

    The time I spend in your country is just wonderful in my life.  I don’t know why your people are so nice to me.  I think your people are always very friendly to Chinese.  You just cannot imagine how many friends I have made since I got here.  I think you must feel proud for your friend.  She makes so many friends in Boston.  I am sure if I will be in your State I will enjoy the same or more because you are there....

    How is your husband’s plantation?  You know I am very interested in farming, though I don’t understand it much.  I think it must be lots of fun.  I wish I could spend some time in your home and see the work in the farm, or I wish I can do something in your plantation, if I know how.... You are always in my heart too and I always tell my new friends about our long years friendship. They all admire us and so proud of our friendship too.  Closing with my hearty love and best wishes to your family.

Vung arrived for her first visit in Texas on December 28, 1947.

Again in 1948, then she returned to China

Soochow  1949

Dearest Gladys,

    Good morning.  Again I come to you as soon as I finished my dressing and waiting for the breakfast bell.  I could not sleep well these days because my mind is full of you.  I hear your call and your cry for me.  I feel your love and your love-call absorbs me and in my thoughts.  I want to come to you.  Well, I better tell you something else....

    K.Y. [Chinese school administrator] has a over strong will power.  She never will accept my suggestion until the last minute, until she herself convinces, but it will be too late.  It is good for the peace time and things are smooth but it is very bad during the time for emergency.  She is very queer and I just don’t know what to do with her.  She seems very calm outside but really she is very nervous inside.  Right now I can see from my window one senior girl is leaving for Shanghai, then to Formosa.  She came to me and say goodbye to me and I saw her and the crowd is going out with her and bid the goodbye.  I feel a sort of ——-. 

    This is Saturday morning here and I wonder if you are in your sleep or you are dreaming of your lover.  I just wish if I can slip in to your room and give you surprise.  I can understand what is true love mean now and how David and his friend.  But I count you are much more than Jonathan loves his friend David.  If I tell you my inner want for you, you will cry again and I don’t want to hurt you any more as I did last time.  It is terrible because the force is too great. 

    Another good day here and I caught cold.  I am going to make some fire for the girls who are the big sisters in the school—boarding ones—leaders of each room.  I will give them a simple party Sunday night with some money you gave me.  I will give them a treat because they are very nice and good to me and cooperate with me.  I will put away the picture of ours but will carry along the ones we took with kodak and they are all in my small book which is very light and easy to carry.  The communists hate the Americans so I have to be very careful with them, because they may find out and —-.  I also put on the ring you gave me always and forever, because I feel your love.  I cannot go on further because my heart hurts and my ——-.  Darling, I wish and pray that our meeting in June and July was not the last one, do we? 

    Oh, darling, let me see you just once more and no matter how long it will be, I just want to see you once again before I leave this world.  That is the only desire in my mind and heart.  My only desire, my only wish no matter what will happen to you or me, just let me feel you once again, and tell you in person, “Darling, I love you.”  Gladys I want you [words crossed out].  If you say no, or until you say no to me.  Then I will leave without a word or regret.  I went to the breakfast and now I come back to you again.  I will mail this letter this morning and then I will write you again tonight or tomorrow.  Because your feelings respond me and I want to talk to you as much as I can.  Oh, yes, I will take good care of the money.  I know I will need the money for emergency.  I will stop now. Always your only, Vung


    ...I think from all these scattered lines you can find my idea and my wish to be with you.  The news is very bad.  Now all the Bishops changed their mind, that all the American missionaries will evacuate from China as soon as the orders come.  The old aged people left a week ago and then the rest will leave gradually or immediately.  If I have this statement at hand, it will be much easier for me to go for the further procedures.  Anyway, that statement from Sam Rayburn will be very helpful if you could get one or he will be willing to help us.  I am writing to the President and dean of Graduate school of Boston University very soon and request this scholarship for further education.  People told me today that the Communists will not let you do anything according to your own idea or your own opinion.  They will send you to anywhere as they wish.  No freedom at all.  I do not want to work under the people like that.  I do not want to be a slave.  I will run away but it may be too late when time comes to make me think.  I want go.  You know how much I want to see you and be with you.  From this letter you can see my mind and my inner wish.  I will write a very good letter to Boston University tonight.  K.Y. is very slow in everything and she still thinks it isn’t time to leave. She wants to turn the whole thing to the Communists and then she will leave. But then it will be too late to run.

    Do not feel discouraged because I will do my best to flee to your arm and rest.  I hope you understand what I mentioned at the above.  Darling, we just could not live if we could not even hear from each other.  I am more encouraged these last two weeks by your calls and love callings.  Darling, I just could not stand your worry and miserable.  This is morning again.  I wrote you a sheet on my bed last night and it was 12 o’clock last night.  I could not sleep for a long time.  It was very cold and my heart and mind were so warm and I want you as I told you in that sheet.  Another tear for you, do you know it?  Darling, I was so pleased because of your work in your school among the kids.  I know you will [be] much happier than if you were just at home with your own kids and homework.  Darling, I want to be with you and carry books for you when you go to school.  I could teach kids English with my Chinese tone.  Darling, my love is yours and everything belongs to you.  Last night I asked one missionary if she would bring a small package from me when she leaves.  I will put the diploma, the spoons and the ring and some other small things.  They will evacuate by sudden order, so have to be ready at any time.  Darling, this is very early in the morning 6 A.M. and I will stop for the rest of the day.  I will mail this letter by myself because the postage is too much, these servants might lose them. [words scratched out]  Vung.


Dearest Gladys,

    I have your letter with 25 dollars check this morning.  I must write you even I am very upset and very busy.  The news is very bad these two days.  People are moving along the street.  The students called a meeting and asked the school, what is our plan.  As I told you about K.Y.  She never know how to plan and give any suggestions.  But the result of the meeting were:  1.  The students could leave school to their parents if they want to.  The school will run along as long as possible and have no definite plan or assurance if something will happen.  At the same time the school could not stop as all other schools are running.  2.  If the communications are cut off nobody knows what to do, just to do what we could do.  Poor girls are still pressed with their second minor test right now.  Well, that’s the only way to help them to use their mind and do not listen the rumors.  I packed two trunks and send off to Shanghai by some teachers who are leaving for Shanghai tomorrow.  That means I could have something if I lost everything in Soochow.  But no one knows what will happen to Shanghai.  Some people said there will be some American troop to protect the American properties, so that will help if it is true.  Unless the civil war become an international war, then nobody knows what then.  I will send the 25 dollars Chase bank check to Hongkong at my friend’s to hold for emergency.  Suppose I will on the way to Canton—Hongkong and refuge there but out of money.  Just for prevention and emergency.  Everybody’s mind is overwhelming these days.  All the American missionaries will leave very soon, that of course will disturb everybody.  I think I better stop to tell you these news, but let me tell you what do I have in mind about us.  I packed a small package for you.  I will ask one the missionaries to mail it in San Francisco if she leaves.  In the box you will find two cute bottles.  These bottles are from Peking.  The paintings on the bottles are hand painting.  This fellow is famous with this kind of painting.  He painted from the hole to the inside of the sides with pen and brush.  I want you to keep one and give one to Lelia (because she is so nice to you and me).  You will find a dragon boat made from the red wood.  If you like it you may keep it.  If you do not, you may give it to Mrs. Palmore.  At the same time you will find the ring.  It is Chinese silver and the piece of jade which my mother gave it to you.  I like the color very much and I hope you will like it.  I am sorry for I could not afford gold, otherwise I would made it in gold.  But you may keep it as long as I live.  Some day I will make another one for you in gold.  You may like the Millie spoons which I carefully put in that box.  Now about the two pieces of embroidery.  They are two piece of Chinese pillow cases.  This is the top and the bottom with other material to match.  They are for the bride’s room and I hope you also like them.  Darling, when I pack them my tears came out because I love you.  I wish I could give them to you in person, but I could not.  That makes me very sad.  I wonder if I will ever see you again.  I am not afraid of death or torture, but I do mind and care for your worry.  Darling, I know and also I feel your heart ache and your worry.  Therefore I am worrying and working out the best way to fight to live.  Darling dearest, your love is so powerful.  It does move my heart and influence my thoughts and thinking.  I want to live now because I want to see you again, because I want you to feel my love once again, and I want to feel yours already, just do not know how to tell you my thought of you.  Last week, Thanksgiving, something made me think of you very strongly—that is love.  Homesick for you and then tears and heart ache for you, and I do not want you to suffer in your heart because of loving me too much and lonesome for me.  I must struggle very hard and do all I can to come to you if the communication will cut off entirely.  Both of us could not stand this iron curtain between you and me.  I will let you feel how much I love you and how I much need you if you are here at my side now.  Regarding to the checks you sent me.  I have not ask or find out yet.  I changed the checks you sent me with our own name, with Chinese currency cash is so short—people do have enough money—plenty money for change.  Therefore the Chase Bank check will be the best.  Because they could be sold in any of the national banks in China.  The checks under your name should go to some one’s endorsement, so that is more hard to change from now on.  Most of the well to do people are leaving to Hong Kong or Formosa Island.  I will take care with these checks just for emergency—for refugee life.  Oh, Darling, I do not want to say too much, but let you know I love you forever and no matter what may happen to me, but I love Gladys will never change and forget.  If I die, I will be very brave for any other things, but I could not and cannot stand to leave you in this world and suffer and worrying and unhappy.  I just cannot.  I live for you and I must live for you and love you.  Sometimes and often I think and wondering how does this come out.  I hope you have that letter about my admittance.  I hope it is not too late for my letter to Boston University for the scholarship admission.  I also hope your letter with Sam Rayburn’s letter will not be too late for me to receive here.  You better send that letter to Shanghai care of Mrs. Yao.  You remember that letters address.  Again I write another one.  You put a wrong number in one letter last time you wrote me to Shanghai.  % Mrs. K.L. Yao—House 80—Lane 1081(1081) Babbling Well Road, Shanghai, China.  I think you better send that special letter with the letter of Sam Rayburn to Shanghai.  I will stop this page.  I send you this as the third one during this week.  With all my love and thoughts.  Kisses—darling.  I am, Your ever.  Vung

    [Sam Rayburn’s letters were postmarked November 22, 1948 and January 10, 1949.]

February 6th ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    I have your no. 9 and 10 letters this noon.  They forwarded by my father from Hangchow.  In one letter I have your 10 dollars check.  First of all I want to tell you I used that check for eight silver dollars.  I asked a man went to the market and from the black market exchanged the eight silver dollars.  The reason is because for the emergency time.  If the communists came suddenly and the market will refuse the G.Y. and we have no other money to buy things.  Therefore everybody must secure some silver dollars even the amount isn’t big.  But they are enough for a short time in shortage of anything.  Your checks, they cannot change here in Soochow, but in Shanghai or when I will go to Hongkong.  There I will leave for America.  The American Consul evacuated to Canton, therefore if I have anything to do, I have to go there anyway.  Somebody told us the Communists will not allow anybody to talk about God.  They don’t believe any God.  If they actually get here, I will observe their attitude and their action toward people.  If they run the things just as it is now, then of course I will stay on, otherwise I will run to Texas and send out my SOS to My Gladys.  I had three pictures enlarged from Margo yesterday.  They are very good and I look at them for a long time, not at Margo, but at you and me.  Recalling back to the meeting in Gainesville.  I miss you a lot.  Dearest Gladys, the postage goes up double as it was yesterday.  I wish I could write all my letters to you at once when the postage is low.  But you provide my postage, therefore it is alright, but I do feel very uneasy about this.  You buy letters from me, that isn’t fair at all.  I am glad you wrote to Persis and Mrs. Alexander.  Persis was very good to me when I was in Boston and she had been very nice to me as a good hostess for Americans in general.  Once I told her how much I appreciate her kindness.  She said, “Don’t thank me because my friends have been so good to me and therefore I must be good to those who are in need help.”  She also told me to be good to others I have, I will, meet—pass on the friendly spirit to others.  Every time I called her up and asked her to help me something, she never refused.  Mrs. Alexander was fond of me.  Especially when I was in the hospital.  For many times I was very temporated [?] and hurted and also scared her.  But she always overlooked all my misbehavior.  I am glad you have the contact with them because either of them worths to know and to make friends.  Mrs. A. stopped me to go Texas because she is not a rich lady and she knows I do not have a lot of money to spend for that trip.  She did not have any other mischievous thought at all.  One day she told me, “Vung-Tsing, I think God sent you to this B.U. dormitory.  Ask her to write you.  She will be more than delighted to do so.  I had a letter from her but she did not mention in her letter that she wrote you a letter too.  Once awhile drop her a note or a card and tell her how I am.  Because she said in her letters, “Don’t write me and let me write you on account of this high cost of postage.”  She will be tickled to death to have news indirectly from you.  Regarding to this girl my brother engaged.  She wanted us spend 2000 dollars G.Y. to take a picture on the engagement day.  My mother sold the piece of gold for that engagement.  That is all what my mother possessed and then six months rent she got from the payer for my brother’s tuition for the spring term.  My brother kept the money at hand for the time of opening school.  The sudden drop of the G.Y. value—inflation.  The time he got the money could buy 4 Tan’s of rice and it is not enough for 1 Tan of rice.  He is so worried and my parents could not pay anymore, because they gave him all they have.  He send me the SOS.  I told him Laura Haygood school does not know how much they can afford for the teacher’s salary because many, many students could not afford the fees and they might drop from school.  Only few will come and the school has no money to pay the teachers.  I have your SOS once awhile to help live on.  Again I want to thank you for this.  I should say you are sent from heaven for me at this hard time.  Without you I don’t know how would I live.  I do not eat eggs these days because some friends came back from home and gave me some Chinese cake and therefore I have something to eat.  Oh, something else very important to tell you:  I heard a rumor saying the Communists have already appointed the officers for control Soochow.  Many men are the ones who were the officers during the puppet time.  Last war the Japanese occupied this area and many Chinese worked for them.  Well, that cools off my heart because they were the ones who kicked me out from the school I taught and I was under caution.  So I told K.Y. one day after I learned that.  “I will not cooperate with these gangs if they come.  They kicked me out and I disliked them very much now.  I won’t turn my head to them even if they beg me to stay on.”  I was very disappointed and down that day when I heard this story.  They did not give me good impression.  They are rascals.  The rascals cannot work out good things.  So if they will come I will turn my back to them.  I don’t care what will the Mission say anyway.  Darling, you know I love you and I am sure you have so many letters I wrote at home during the vacation.  I told everything in all those letters.  Alright, write me the good and the best letter and I will listen and keep the promise “Not open until we cut off from each other.”  Do you mean you are going to have a baby?  In your letter you sounded so funny and you dare not send me your pictures.  Don’t worry and tell me everything.  If you will have a baby and will have no time to entertain me, then I will come to Texas anyway.  I will go to someone else she does not have small babies to take care of.  How is that?  O.K.?  Just a joke, darling, and I trust you so you have to trust me too.  With all my love.  I am Yours forever, Vung   P.S.  Cash is easier to sell and worths more than check but I spent the check you sent me already for 8 silver dollars for emergency.

March 4th

Dearest Gladys,

    I was thinking this morning, “How is Gladys thinking of this admittance from B.U. now?”  Your sweet letter came along with the thin sheet and from that I learned your attitude.  Of course, this news is the best for both of us, but I am worrying about this depression phenomena in U.S.A.  I learned from the newspapers the cost of goods in U.S.A. isn't as high as it was in 1948.  That worries me because it might be too much on you and your family.  People in China are under tension and fearing.  These effects their mind and attitude.  The last letter I mailed you the postage was 330 G.Y.  At the same day in the afternoon the postage goes up from 330 G.Y. to 1100 G.Y.  What a big jump and it really frightened everybody.  Of course, everything jumped too.  I mention the postage because it is easier to help make you understand the money inflation condition in China.  Seems everyone is thinking of money business these days.  But it does concern people living very much.  The soldiers living in my home are still there and the folks who rented our house do not want to pay the rent because the soldiers are sharing with them without paying anything.  That means something to my parents, well, this war-war-war.  I’ve had no time to write to the president and the dean yet, but I will.  I have too many responsibilities in the church (the members of the Board of Stewards) and in the school.  These new girls officers, they are green and under the pressure of the Seniors.  Very hard to move the wheels going.  Monday 7th will be my birthday but you don’t know.  I’ll think of you on this day particular.  I don’t mind or care if people know my birthday or the date I die but I do remember you and think of you instead because I love you only.  March 12 I will go to Shanghai for a committee meeting which will discuss the M.Y.F. Conference in this summer.  I’ll leave here at night on Friday.  The meeting will be 9:30 Saturday A.M.  Come back on Sunday.  Then the first minor test will be here and the piles of paper will be on my desk.  No doubt and believe me.  If anything will happen to me, I’ll come to you right way.  But I rather to work and not give you too much trouble and burden on you and stay here and work.  You can support me time to time by sending me some gift money.  I know your great love you’ll mind nothing for me and for my safety but I do mind your situation, your duty and responsibility.  Until you are very safe financially.  When I was in Boston I know the living cost there is very high because it’s in north but hard to get a job.  That will be too much trouble and burden on my own Gladys.  I am asking a missionary who is on her way home to America to mail that box to you.  Don’t know yet whether she will be willing to do this favor for me or not because of the duty expenses.  If she promises you may have it after 1 1\2 month.  I ask her to let you know the cost she paid for the package.  Please send her the money she paid if she does do that.  A lady came to me yesterday and (teacher) told me she is so lonesome and does not want to be at home with her two children, because her husband left for America.  The man who mailed the Chinese silver thing to you for me.  She is rather to be in school and keep herself busy with the duty-work.  As she told me this I think of our situation too.  Keep busy and working hard to keep away from loneliness.  March 5 another Saturday is here.  Calls, duty, meetings, classes and conferences call me all the time.  You’ll think you are neglected by Vung.  But your Vung is neglected by herself.

Dear Gladys,

    I am terrible with my correspondent business during these last two weeks.  Of course this is because I got too many things on me beside my school work.  Yesterday I had classes and that regular student church business.  I rushed out to the street and helped some missionaries to get some silver dollars from the market for emergency fund.  I came home late and was exhausted then attended a dinner party at a doctor’s home.  A couple from U.S. and he is the superintendent of the Soochow Hospital of our mission here in Soochow right beside our school.  I had a very rich and delicious dinner last night.  That was the first time I had the ice cream since I left your home.  I told them about this and they all were so happy and they served me three times because they found out that I am crazy about the ice cream.  The lady wanted to go to America for home last time and I asked her to mail that box to you for me and she did not go at last.  I mean they are just wait and see if the Communists will not come here to this area.  This lady asked me, “Was that the one you wanted me to send the package to last time?”  I said yes and she was so interested about our 24 years of correspondent and our interesting friendship.  K.Y. was there too and she made a very remarkable remark about our friendship.  So our friendship will be known in the whole world I think.  This morning  I was invited out to a breakfast by some missionary nurses at 8.  They all live very simply but they have American food from U.S.A. and their income is gold.  It is a lot more than ours.  So they live very comfortably.  I had bacon and eggs and then waffles.  Well, such rich treats at the same time.  I opened a can of chicken the other day and I just was crazy about the chicken you sent and I still have some left in the dish and will eat them up very soon later on.  Again I want to thank you for all these food and I often think you are too sweet to your Vung and I hope this person will not be spoiled.  Yes, I have the money you send me and I will take good care of all the money you send me.  I will use them in a right way and meaningful ways.  I want to use a part for the postage and part for my work—help the poor students in the school who needs help and special care.  I still have all these documents and the Chase Bank checks in a very large envelope.  The cash you sent from time to time helps me a great deal for special expenses and get the things I really need and for the emergency.  The G.Y. is dropping very fast.  People want to get rid of these G.Y. if they have any at hand.  The best way is to buy silver dollars and then sell them when people is in need of money for shopping.

    Now I am concentrating my whole heart in the youth work in the church and the school.  Besides I think of you and want you, but it is useless.  I often worry about your financial condition if you will have another depression, which I hope it will never happen again.  Your worries are my worries and your sufferings are mine.  Therefore I want you to live happily and satisfactory.  Go back to this business of going back to U.S.A.  I want to tell you that I won’t come until time comes—under the tension of the political change, because I have this obligation with the Board of Missions by that scholarship I got from them.  That means I will visit you after 5 years if the situation is better in China.  I give you more time to save your money for me and for my return to America.  I still think you have at least two boys to educate and to raise.  You send me money month after month which means a lot to me.  I know you save everything for me.  You live poorly yourself and let me live comfortably.  I am afraid you missed put some letters I wrote you because you did not mention the things I have told you in my letters, and I afraid that they were lost or what.  I got all your mail and all the bills you sent.  That is very fortunate.  I could get all of them if the situation goes on like this.  Did I tell you that I will go to Shanghai for the Young People’s Conference Committee on Saturday?  I will not ask the Board for the transportation fund because the Mission in China is very poor.  I could spend a part of the money you gave me for this purpose.  You will be very willing and delighted to know that I spend the money you send in a right way.  Another thing I want to tell you and hope to make you happy.  This centennial anniversary in China—The Methodist has its work in China for 100 years last year.  This St. John’s Church is building a small chapel in a village near the Church.  One member gave the land and all of the members gave the money for the house and it is almost finished this new building.  They want some benches and platform. Each bench will cost about five U.S. dollars.  I will give five U.S. dollars in memory of your name.  They will put the name for those who want to in memory of any their folks.  I dedicate one bench for your name.  I think you might like that because I want to have your name here in China, and also those have the privilege to have this bench is because I love you and grateful and thankful to God who gave me this Gladys I loved for years, also His blessing to let me go to American and there we could meet each other and truly like each other and love each other and knowing each other.  No, I do not have any words from Margo.  I think she is mad about that letter I sent to her through you.  Well, I don’t expect her letter but just let you know how it is and answer your question.  I wanted to write a letter to Sam Rayburn but I just do not know how to write such formal letters.  Tonight we will have a games party for the boarding students and that will be very late tonight, I am afraid.  I must stop now and will mail this letter out tomorrow morning.  With all my love and kisses.  They are always yours.  Please don’t keep yourself too busy and forget your loved ones in home and outside of your home.  No, I have not received the packages from the W.S.C.S. yet.  Goodbye, Gladys, my love.  I am, Your own Vung  [added with pen]  This is my birthday.  Nice and warm.  Your bill is the gift from my own Gladys.  Thanks, Yours, Vung.

March 22nd ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    I am very sorry for I did not write you for too long.  I wrote a long letter and then I could not find the time to finish it.  It is still in my drawer.  I have too many things to tell you but I don’t know how to start and how to finish it.  I am very busy and very upset.  The situation is worse and worse.  The force of this Communism is going to all schools and it is working in our school too.  The underground workers are very active.  I, the dean of the girls and having a tough time to take up this work.  I wish I could leave this place and go to you, but the duty calls won’t let me do it.  I am using all sorts of kinds of techniques to help the girls out of this activity.  They are using the individual talks and I know which girls are these but I cannot open up this secret to them.  They know we are all observing and watch them.  What’s the use I only depend on God.  Ask Him to take care of me and take care of the girls.  I don’t know what to tell you in this letter because you will not understand the real situation like I have.  K.Y. is so jealous of my being with the girls too much and my contributions offered to the girls.  She thinks I am playing too much popularity among the girls and among the faculty.  I am not playing the partiality and popularity but the anxiety of my service.  How difficulty it is to do a work in China at the time like this.  People full of suspicion and jealousy among themselves.  I am not happy and overworked.  Yes, too much effort you make cultivate too much jealousy and suspicion.  The G.Y. is going down everyday.  Now a letter to U.S.A. is over 3000 G.Y.  I heard one missionary say she used to write to her daughter in America once a week.  Seems now she could not afford the postage.  I know you will help me in the stamps but I have already put too much on you.  I know and believe you can help me to come to America, the traveling and other things, but it will be very difficulty to manage the other expense.  I will write to Boston University about the further information.  My parents are having a hard time in Hangchow because the soldiers are always want to go into my home and live there.  The first time the soldiers left and the other soldiers went into and my father tried to stop them, they were very impolite to my father.  Later on my mother got the Municipal Police come in and send these soldiers away.  Nobody knows what will happen to us soon or later.  The Communists are trying to cross the river now and seems they will come here very soon.  The seniors came to me and wanted me to help them if there is any possibility to help them in their studies.  They feel they need more instruction in helping them to learn scholastic knowledge.  I want to very much but that will make other teachers who are teaching them unhappy.  I think China is demoralized very much compared with our student age.  I feel so sorry for that.  I really should have a school myself and not under some one else.  I regret that I gave up my own work and come here with Miss Kiang.  She needs me but she does not want my whole heart service.  I born on that way to do a work with whole heart.  Well, I must stop telling all these things.  I know you are expecting my coming to America and you want to help me, but I am afraid that will be too much for your family.  I hope and pray that God will show me very clearly that He wants me to go to America.  Remember me in your prayers.  I need a lot of encouragement and God’s help now.  I always thankful for your generosity and your love through the help you give.  K.Y. is also so jealous of my blessing abundantly from you and God.  I remember the story of the two sons of Eden, Cain and Able.  One gave the best to God and God’s return was rich and abundant, and one gave the least to God and his mercy from God was small.  That make the elder brother so jealous and killed his brother.  I just feel so sorry for our China.  I don’t know what will happen to us in the near future but in Him we can trust.  I know you love so dearly and this confidence always encouraging.  The will of God is always upon His own children.  I do not have letters from you last week and I hope you are well and happy.  I asked a missionary lady to send you a package on her way home.  She sails today from Shanghai due to her weak physical condition.  That was the same package I wanted to send you last year.  But that lady did not leave and she is still here.  I am very happy for she does that for us.  When you get the package please look up the postage she put on and will you please send her back the postage she spent for us?  I think she will arrive America around April 1 and then she will go to her home from San Francisco and then she will mail that box to you.  I hope you could get it around Easter.

    I must stop this time and will write you a long letter by finishing up the other long letter I wrote.  It is very cold and rainy here.  I think it must very warm in Texas now.  Sunshine in your home and darkness is in China—Soochow in my room.  With all my love and my thoughts.  I am, Yours forever, Vung

    ...want you to be happy with me because the last term’s work I did was very successful and fruitful.  Many teachers in this school have political colors—I mean they belong to many political parties.  Some are very radical and some of the big girls are radical too.  They could give me some troubles if I am not wise enough to handle them.  Some girls read a lot of the red’s articles and they have radical mind.  I am very careful and take things wisely.  I want to thank God for His wisdom.  I am the one who takes care of the student’s life—so I am the one takes the responsibility of the student activities.  They are so tamed and nice now.  Aren’t you glad for me and with me?  This war and the hard living effect the psychology upset.  Only for three days the term is over and they will go home for one month before they come back.  Today’s paper has President’s speech for the whole country.  He indicated if the Communists will and want the peace, he will give up anything if it is good for the people, but if the Communists still want this principle of Communism, he wants to fight on with faith for the human righteousness, liberty and brotherhood.  He said he could not stand to see his people suffering in the iron curtain life and be a slave under the Communists.  He wants to fight for the people’s individual freedom and individual rights.  I agree with him.  They are talking for the peace and they make the negotiations, but if the Communists are too stubborn, then the war will go on and fight on.  All the chief commanders are in Nanking and having the very important conference.  After this conference we will tell what will be going on then.  That won’t take very long.  I am not afraid now for my passport still functions until August.  That will give me a plenty of time to wait and see.  The longer I wait, the better for you to be ready for the money to help me.  If I come sooner it brings you more hard time for the financial need.  If the war is going to be ceased then I can wait for two more years, then you will have plenty time to prepare for my arriving.  You will save that money anyway, no matter if I have to come to you now or later?  Aren’t you?  I know you are expecting me any way even the war does not go on.

Laura Haygood School, Soochow   April 22nd ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    Our love is always the same and will never change.  So don’t worry and feel sorry for you do not hear from me if it will happen to us.  I will try my best to be very good for our love and at the same time I will be very faithful to my work and duty in here.  I will hold my post as long as I can possible hold.  I will send you my SOS if I need any.  I will escape to Hongkong and from there I will call you for help.  Don’t worry.  That is my first request and I assure you again, I will take care of myself.  I have enough money at hand for the present use.  I will borrow the money if I will short any because I know you will help me to pay back.  From all the above words you can imagine my situation.  I also hope you could get this letter as the news is very bad since the peace talk is broken.

    Trust me and remember each other in our prayers.  19 girls baptized on Easter Sunday.  Only Christianity could save China and change the Chinese people.  I pray for you and your family always and love all their generosity for let me have a share in your family and especially you.  I will always count on you and all of the American friends.  Tell Percis and Mrs. A. I am alright and I have the confidence from their Christian love and their prayers.  Don’t forget, no matter how bad China will be, but their Chinese friend V.T. is always their good friend.  I always count America as my second native country.  I could not find the opportunity to write your senator and always feel it is a regret but I respect him and appreciate him and his secretary.  I hope you have my package by this time.  I hope you will find my love from the parcel.  Share something with Mrs. Palmore  and Mrs. Alverson.  For they love me and also I wish you could let Margo to have something too.  Write to her and say Hello to her for me.  I wish you will be very nice to Margo and Hazel and Lelia.  I hope Mrs. A. had my sheet by this time.  The bell is ringing and I will finish it up by tomorrow.  Good Morning, Gladys, this is another day in new.  I took a group of girls to a farm which is very far away from the school.  I saw some cows and also some white chicks as you have in your farm.  Of course that made me very homesick before that scenery.  I must stop from here and say my goodbye to you for the time being.  I will write you sooner if there is no interruption.  I love you just the same and think of you all.  With my best regards and love.  I am, Yours Vung  [added below typewritten letter in pen, “news very bad—-”

Laura Haygood School, Soochoo   April 28th ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    In all your letters you show me how much you care for me and love your friend and my work and my days in here are remembered.  My old idea is too deep and rooted very firm.  I can hardly change my old idea, my faith to a new idea and refuse my old faith.  I wish I could be with you but it is very hopeless to grant a visa or passport.  My future plan is to get another job but I don’t know where and when I can find one.  I wish to buy piece of land and start a farm.  Raise chicken and plant vegetables.  K.Y. want to leave too.  Later the Board of Missions will stop to send the appropriation to help China.  Be no religious activity and worship be stopped, already stopped in here.  Great famine we are facing to help 700 million of population and starving.  I don’t know what to do and many things I don’t know how to tell you by words in this letter.  I know you and your family will help me and support me.  Tell friends at W.S.C.S. at Ravenna that I’ll never give up my faith in God which the new time does not believe there is a ‘god’ with their encouragement by naming the W.S.C.S. Vung-Tsing Circle helps me a great deal in encouraging.  Your 20 dollars check was received and I’ll use a part of it for relief in the famine area.

    I can sense how much you are worrying for me and thinking of me.  I am alright physically and mentally, also spiritually but some times they put me on a hot stove and burning.  I must stop at here and write me often.  Love you forever, Yours, Vung  Remember me to your family & Lelia and others.

April 31st ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    I am afraid that you are doubt me now because I do not write you as I did.  I must tell you that I do not change and will never change even I don’t write you.  I have hands full of work.  Second, the postage is just terrible.  Tomorrow the postage will go up again.  I must and I really do not want to tell you how high the postage is in every letter, but it is the truth.  I can compare with the letters I wrote you and the letters I write you recently how much they increased.  Please forgive me for I mentioned this again and again in ever of my letter.  But I must let you know how hard it is for me who get a very little per month, and then I have your help.  Nobody knows when the Communists will arrive at this area as it is already warned us in the newspaper and from personal letters.  They will be here in April,.  but I am not afraid because this is a real challenge to all of us Christians.  We must be ready to face this hard task if there will be any.  I don’t think they will stop us from correspondence but they may make some restrictions on many systems.  We had a general letter from a professor in the North at one of the Methodist universities in China.  He told us the attitudes of the Communists and the situation after their arrival.  There are many restrictions but not very bad.  We are afraid of the riots and the time of no man’s land.  Don’t worry for me too much.  Pray and ask Him and His care as I am doing for you and your family everyday.  The work with the students is so important at the present time.  Students and all the young people are wondering what is the best?  The Christianity?  Communist?  All these ideas of idealism are this new time.  This is a changing period of the whole world and most people are doubting and seeking for the righteousness.  I must well use my time and chance to face this new challenge.  Although I don’t write you as I want to, or as you wish me to do so, but my early morning and late evening thoughts are with you everyday.  I know how much you love me and count on me as well as I depend on you.  But I must be something, someone who is worthy to be your loved one and your best one to count on.  I want you to be proud of your Vung and to be proud in front of your friends and your family.  Tell them my bravery and my concerns, not for my life, but my strong faith.  I lead a small group of girls at the morning watch every morning right after the breakfast—7:30-45.  These girls who came to me and asked for this special help.  This is a wonderful thing and happiest task to see a person her life has been changed through the inspiration of Jesus Christ.  Easter will be here very soon and I hope and pray many will become Christians that time.  My desire and my faith for these girls are so high.  48 girls will graduate this summer and they will go to the society and become teachers in the kindergartens and Elementary schools in our own Church schools or not church schools.  They are so important to take care of.  Their influences to the others are so important.  Gladys, how I wish if I could have a talk with you about my interest and my ambition and my future dream.  I know you are the only one who will back me up and support me at any time when I call on you.  I appreciate this very much all the time.  Sometimes I am afraid if, well, I wonder why you work so hard and you lose your weight?  I just cannot understand.  Please take care of yourself all the time.  Take care of your family.  How is Clayton and Gregory and Gary?  I put out that big picture you made for me when I was in Boston in my room. It is a very good picture, I think.  No other pictures in my room beside the one we took together and the one with your whole family.  Everyone thinks we look very good on that picture and also the big one of your whole family.  How is Gregory?  Say Hello to three of them.  How is Lelia?  She is so quite this year.  I wrote a sheet to Mrs. Alverson today to thank her for the canned chicken she sent.  I wish you could send me some Nestle sweetened chocolate.  I am taking this which K.Y. gave them to me.  They are very good for my sleep and refreshing after I am exhausted.  The box is flat and with purple trade paper at the outside of the tins.  It is already sweetened, so don’t have to add in sugar and milk or cream.  Also some orange juice.  I wish to have ice cream but how.  Tonight we will have two meetings at the same time.  The girls who boarding in the school will have a social party and then the Wesley Fellowship will have the regular meeting too.  I could not attend two, but the former one is more like my duty.  The teachers will have the program too.  The bell for the supper is ringing and I must go.  My love and my personal thoughts are yours and with you all the time.  Give my love and best regards to your friends.  With all my love.  I am, Yours forever, Vung

November 17th ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    I have all of your good letters.  Often feel so badly for my unreplied correspondence.  Only God knows why I couldn’t find a chance to write as I wish.  So often thinking of the scene in the kitchen where a kettle is boiling and it was so peaceful.  Clayton with his tired look but earnest and warm invitation.  You, especially, wanted me to take the hearty invitation.

    Christmas of 1949 will be here very soon.  I remember my days in America with 2 Xmases.  How delightful they were.  Things are so scarce and expensive in here.  We’ll try our best and give our best for the new Xmas celebration, more in our heart than in our expression.  I’ll think of my dearest ones in the other part of this world on this special occasion.  Count this as my Xmas letter and congratulation.  Calls may come when time allows.  Please give my best wishes and love to your boys and Clayton.  I often recall his farm and cattle.  I raised 2 leghorns but they all died in plague.  I wish I could have a farm like Gregory’s so that will help my living and keep me busy in mind and time,  though I am busy enough to survive in this new regime.  Parents are fine and everything is O.K.  Must stop but let you know I am still alive and happy.  Yours, Vung-Tsing   How is Lelia and Vera and others?

Laura Haygood School, Soochow  December 11th ‘49

Dearest Gladys,

    I had almost all of your good letters.  I have many reasons that make me neglected in correspondence with all of my friends.  Since the liberation we all had a very hard time to make the new comers to trust us.  That took a long time to assure them that we are all good people without any political background with Ku ing Tung.  We have to watch our steps all the time.  In July I was in the training camp to learn the principles of the New Democratic Principles for 41 days.  We were very nicely treated and well entertained, but the poor financial situation cannot help in many ways, like food and other facilities.  After these 41 days I came back to the School and started the new term’s work.  K.Y. didn’t go because she has to stay in the school and looked after the whole thing in the school.  I came back to the school every Sunday and returned on Monday morning.  800 school teachers were in this training camp.  We had hard lessons to learn and also examinations.  I did very well on my record, therefore they are very fond of me.

    This is the fifth month since school opens.  I am on the wheel [bicycle] and rolling around on this wheel all the time.  I know how much you and others are worrying for me, but I must be very careful on what I write and what I am doing with whom I am around with.  Many times I thought of the scene in the kitchen with you and Clayton.  I know how much you and family are concerning about my safety.  I am safe. Sometimes I am happy and I don’t [word omitted].  I know you are a strong person and you like to do things in your own ways, but you cannot when something relates to your family and your neighbors.  Then you have to give up yourself and drink whatever is before you.

    I give my self a nick name “Miss Meetings”.  I put myself into the meetings all the time that makes me neglected the Church work and even my own business.  In this way I helped the Laura Haygood School and K.Y. a great deal.  I am the bridge between the Mission school and the new government.  The better understanding, the better cooperation.  That is all I can offer to the Mission work in China at the present time.

    You can write me as many as you wish.  Please address like this way will be much faster and safer.  Miss Pao Vung Tsing, Soochow, L.H. School %Mr. L.M. McCoy, 22 Hennessy Road, Hongkong.

    Please write him a note and put a one dollar bill in the envelope and ask him to use it for the postage.  When the mail reached to his office, he will put on the Hongkong stamps and forward it to me.  The airmail from U.S. to Hongkong is still going and very often too.  So it will take less time for each mail.  I got your personal check with five dollars too.  Thank you.  I will use it for the Christmas dinner.  We will have a small celebration and no Christian activities should be allowed in the school, therefore we have a very quiet one in a private home.

    I am glad that your two boys are growing and how is Clayton’s cows and Gregory’s chickens.  I wish I could have a small farm and to support myself without involving to these complexities.  Give my best wishes to the Missionary Society in Mulberry and Ravenna.  How is Hazel and the mail man?  I don’t want to over weight for this letter.  Oh, I forget to tell you about my brother.  He is jobless and at home.  Both of my parents are in Hangchow and they can pass the daily living under my care financially.  The tax is very high and too many of kinds even we have a small house for our own.  The land lords in China are having a horrible time.  If the new regime comes to U.S., Clayton has to pay a lot of tax for his land and cattle, also his income.  I wish you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I will always remember what you told me, and especially Clayton said, “Don’t be foolish and too stubborn. Safety is the first.”  I still will try my best to pay another visit with you.  All is possible and I think it might be come true.  Give my love to your Daddy and your brother’s family.  With my best wishes and love.


Dear Clayton and Gregory,

    Thank you very much for your kindest invitation which I received yesterday.  I had an operation for my adenoids three days ago.  I thought it was a light one and won’t hurt me at all, but is did hurt me and I was unable to walk home.  The men carried me home with a cot.  I was very irritated for two days.  Now I am up and on my duty again.  I read your kind note in my bed and my appreciation is unable to express with words.  Your generosity to let me share whatever you have and your kindest thoughts to call me back to you I accepted with pleasure and honor.  I believe whatever you told me in your letter and also in Gladys’ letters.  Now let me tell you what I have in my mind. 

    I.  The Field Committee had a meeting last week.  They decided to preserve and keep on working until the last minute.  All the missionaries who are afraid could go home right now by the means of all sort of Government’s provision.  I know all the airplanes and Navy ships will evacuate all missionaries home on emergency under the care of your government.  We Chinese workers will stick to the work until the Communists come and stop all the Mission work.  That means we will face any kind of situation here.  Of course, anybody could leave now, but that means disloyal to the work.  Also shows the bad spirit of irresponsibility.  I want to come to America very much in my heart, but what will I do if the Communists never get here at last at all?  Things are going on very complicated and confused in China.  Do not think that the Mission Board or Church will take care any of us.  No, nobody cared for us during the last war.  We fought and lived on our own feet.  Very bad organization and poor planning.  Of course, this just depends on each person.  Nobody could force anybody to stay or leave.  Dear friends, I will stay here until the last minute.  If I have luck or, should I say, it’s God’s will, then I could run away from Soochow to Hangchow, from Hangchow to Hankow, Canton, Kwonchow, HongKong.  There I could wire you and take a boat to America.  During that time I could say I have done my duty and fought a good fight.  In my heart I always feel so thankful for I have good friends like you to count on me as one of your family.  Call after call urges me to be with you.  I shall never forget your friendliness and the spirit of sharing with your neighbors. 

    II.  I know and am very sure Gladys loves me very much and she counts on me, but she has her duty in home, personal and impersonal.  It will be too much for her to take care of me.  I know and already realized that I have put up too much on her for me since we met each other.  I often feel so bad about this, but I know she does everything with happiness, and I take her’s with gratefulness and happiness too.  We love each other so much because that 24 years unknown friendship.  The root is so deep and we could not just let it go by.  I value it and treasure this wonderful love—Mary in the wonder land.  But I must be wise enough to make her stay where she is.  I want her to take up her responsibility like I am taking up my responsibility, even facing life and death.  I will accept your invitation for the means of transportation to America, and I will not accept the invitation to be the real daily burden at your home.  I do not want to add Gladys’ homework.  She has plenty to do at hand already.  Because I love her I want her to take care what she has at hand already.  I know you all love me because Gladys loves me as my home folks loves you all because I love you all. 

    III.  I know you have the amount of money I need now, but you are not ready yet because you have debt to pay.  I feel so sorry because Gladys is worrying for me to death.  Please be tolerant to her if she will be very upset because her Vung is in trouble.  Take her and all her blues.  I just feel so sorry for I have been met you all.  Otherwise you all think I am dead and no more trouble will happen to this dead person.  Well, I think I have said too much on this pessimistic side.  Optimistically I think I will come to you via Hongkong so just keep that money at hand.  Or maybe the Communists will never reach here and then I will make another plan to visit you after everything is over and the democratic party wins the victory.  Let’s join hands and have a big celebration in Mulberry.  Again let’s sing songs in Chinese and in English.  I do wish to have some of your chickens to eat right now—ha, ha.  Because I need some special food for nutrition such as beef, and chicken soup.  Yesterday one of my friends came to see me and she saw me very weak.  Bless her heart, she sent me a chicken—steamed with a lot of soup.  I enjoyed it so much and had a lot drink the soup.  I felt better and strong again.  The food is too expensive.  This new money G.Y. did not last its life very long.  One month ago, 150 pounds of rice cost 20 dollars G.Y.  Now goes up to 400 dollars G. Y.  What a joke about this money system.  Thank you for everything, I am [not signed]

January 18th ‘50

Dearest Gladys,

    I had all your letters and the bills you enclosed.  I am very glad that you had the package I sent you long time ago.  At least you can have something direct from China.  But I wish you will share with some people like the Missionary Society at Ravenna as they gave me a lot of their thoughtful gifts and such a kind shower.  I often have this warm scenery in my mind.  Mrs. Palmore and Mrs. Alverson did something too nice and very kind of them to treat me like this.  Please do something for me to your friends in Ravenna Missionary Society and a special love to the lady from the Baptist Mission.  She always talked to me that she is from the Baptist Church and she wanted me to remember her.  How is Mrs. Palmore and her grandchildren?  I miss them all very much.  That small grocery in the center of Ravenna?  How is Margo?  I think of her very much because she had been very kind to me to invite us to her home and we failed.  I am not regret of anything but I want you two to love me as one.  I need more people’s care at the time like this.  You want more people to take care of me at this time.  One person’s love can cover everything, but this is an international problem.  The size is much, much larger than just you and I.  I know you will disappointed at this point as I said, but I need this and the whole China needs that.  Every Chinese in China need this.

    My work in this school is very hard and I am almost overloaded.  It is the result of the new situation in this country.  It is also the specific problem in all Christian schools and also this is my nature to work hard and use all of my energy and mind in my work.  I pulled through all sort of the hard times and difficult problems ever since the liberation.  I want to leave this place because I am tired of this kind of work.  Also no more Christian work can be done in a Christian school.

    I can imagine how much you are worrying for me but I am alright physically.  Sometimes I have too many head aches.  Too many problems to be solved.  Thank you for your money and I use them very carefully.  I help my home a lot, for they have to pay the high tax for our house and the small land we own.  My father has to pay the income tax, they call the business tax.  A certain amount of tax to be paid every month, no matter how much you have got.  Even if you don’t have anything received each month but the tax for a sign board is fixed tax for any doctor.  Many, many people are too poor for the treatment even if they sick.  Food is very expensive.  You will be tired to hear this because I have told you too much about the cost of living in China ever since I came back.  Next year we don’t know how much we could have for our monthly payment because many, many people’s home are suffering under the land tax if they are land lord or many business men are jobless because they don’t have any business could do.  All the  sea board are closed.  Railways are put up but the buying and selling demand is very low.  Therefore the business is very poor at the present time.  We all are buying the bonds.  At the present time I have already bought the bonds with my one month’s salary.  I want to buy a bicycle that will save my transportation fare.

February 21st ‘50

Dearest Gladys,

    Here I come back to you again after one month’s waiting.  I got all of your letters via Hongkong and the checks you sent me.  Thank you a lot for your everlasting love and your thoughtfulness.  The situation is entirely different from the time it was in the year of 1948.  So expect me to write you as much as I wish and as free as we wish.  Soon or later we may be entirely cut off we don’t know.  Don’t expect me to write everything as I wish in the letter.  You understand this.  If you have a letter that is most thankful and fortunate.  So don’t complain in your letters.  Time is different.  My work is very hard and tense and my opportunity as a Christian is very valuable at this time.  People like Peter and Paul see their acts in the New Testament Acts.  Pray for we Christians, stand fast for the name of God.  I will never betray God and admit there is no God, even life and death.  I don’t care whether I will face hungry or starving because God will take care of His own children.  I was at home with my parents for five days only and now I am home again.  I give them some money when I have some.  They are alright, only too much taxation which they cannot afford and too many meetings to attend.  They were so happy to see me home even only for five days.

March 5th ‘50

Dearest Gladys,

    I had a long dream of you and Clayton last night.  That made me very upset and want to write you this morning even my mind is so turmoil.  I am alright physically.  But our life and nerve are so uncertain and too many ups and downs.  This change in Chinese history turn over the whole nation and everybody’s nerve and life.  I was home with my mother and father for five days from February 15 to 20.  My mother was so happy to see me, especially my father after his serious illness.  That was my first time to visit him.  They are fine even the living life isn’t so ideal.  I take care of them and support them.  That is why I have to be here and struggle for living.  Otherwise I will leave here and to see my uncle Sam.  If you want me to tell you the whole thing, you cannot understand because this kind of changing you cannot find in any of the history.  People can only sense to it by the real experience.  Thank you very much for the check you sent me.  I got all of them and I use your check and Mrs. A. check to buy a second hand bicycle.  I spent a lot of my income from the last year’s salary for my transportation.  I attend too many meetings and it will save me time and money by investment.  If you ask me what I want from you, my answer are taking care everything and run the school.  Put the teachers and students at the opposite place and against each other.  The teachers have no right to say anything because we are from the imperialistic generation and we are also from the feudalistic generation.  We must re-educate ourselves and change our mind and thought, also our way of living.  Any belief is superstitious and there is no God.  Can you accept these theories?  If not, you are not fit for this new world.  I am so eager to see you and your family but K.Y. and the Mission cannot spare me at the time like this.  We want to keep this work run on as long as we can run.  Many students dropped from schooling  because the hardship of the finance problem.  I had a letter from Margo and she writes very literally and with number of courteous statements.  I am glad to have her letter because I want her to be your friend who is near by you.  I have a letter from Mrs. Alexander and she sent me a check too.  Therefore I can spend it for the bicycle.  I wish my brother will get a good second one for me from Shanghai soon.

    The students are deciding the tuition and cannot settle the problem.  Therefore we don’t know when will the school open.  My brother is still jobless and he is teaching in a church free school where he could get no salary.  People could find a job from the People’s Liberation Army.  There he does not wish to go and my parents do not want him to go.  Those who could not afford the school fees they enter the Chinese Revolution College without paying anything and [it] provides food and clothes.  I am well but busy and tiresome with the new change.  I have enough to eat and we do not have to buy new clothes.  1950 is the hardest year and we all have to face it with faith and producing.  I plant a lot of green vegetables and beans in the school garden.  Therefore I have enough greens to eat.  I raise one duck and she lays eggs once a while and she helps me too.  Mother and father asked about you always and they wish me to leave this country so much.  I am glad you got the package and you like the ring.  Goodbye and I wish to hear from you often.  Give my best wishes to Gary and Gregory.  Please remember me to Clayton’s family and Lelia.  With my best love and prayers.  When you write just write the news about the family and yourself.  Don’t ask any questions involve the political situation because I am very dull and will not know how to answer you.  Yours always, Vung

Soochow   March 20th ‘50

Dearest Gladys,

    I had your letter and the gift.  Sorry for I could not find chance to write.  I sent a letter last week before I got yours.  I know how much you are regarding my everything and I wish to tell you everything.  But the curtains are too thick between you and I.  I could not see you and you could not see me between the ocean and the mountains.  Very sorry for I learned that you are not very strong in health because you worked too hard and too tense.  I wish and beg you of you let yourself down a bit.  I am alright if my finance could afford my living.  I can overcome everything with God’s care and His help.  The condition is not so easy.  Things are so expensive and our salaries are cut down to 1/2 from February.  The whole nation is like that and a lot of people are out of job.  My brother is one and my father is one.  The only way they can go is the military school for the young people and the aged skillful people can join the national Organization, not much money but enough for food care.  I know Russia had a big starvation before their five years’ plan.  I hope China will not like that before the construction.  I keep your gift at hand for emergency use.  Next time when you send me any money please send the Chase Bank check.  It sells very easy.  Personal checks are not very  easy as the distance between China and U.S.A. is too far, and the cut off transportation makes a lot of difference.

    I wish I could leave my post to some where else, but where and what and how could I find a job at this time?  My work is much heavier than before, but we are still trying our best to hold my office and go through all the troubles.  My health is alright but my nerve isn’t so peaceful.  Too much responsibility and too many problems.  All the authorities are in the hands of the students.  I am always between the devil and deep sea.  But don’t worry for what I told you because God is always so good to His own children.

    I am asking a missionary lady who will leave for home very soon to send you a piece of silk embroidery which you can give to your sister in law.  Cut the patterns down and sew on the coat or any dress you wish to.  I think Margo will like one piece if you are generous to give her one from you, not from me.

    I am so proud of you and for myself too, for your people at Mulberry are so kind and so generous to you and to me.  They want to use my name for their S.W.C.S.  I will always be very good for His work for this great honor.  Tell them how much I appreciate their honorable offering.  May God bless my friends in Mulberry.  I pray for the W.S.C.S. members there.  I wish this circle will be enlarged and prosperous in their work and in size.

    Gladys, don’t work so hard and kill yourself.  You have children to take care of and a family to look after.   Also a special friend needs your attention.  Therefore you get to take care of yourself for everybody’s sake.  God wants you to live as long as you can and help His work directly and indirectly.  Give my love to Lilia and Hazel.  I will stop this time and will write you again later.  I am, Yours forever, Vung   Love and Remembrance

Soochow  May 14th ‘50

Dearest Gladys,

    Your letter wrote in April via Mr. McCoy with a 20 dollar check was duly received.  I feel so sorry for my

letters to you upset your heart.  How I wish I could see you and your family right now.  Let me pour out every word in my mind to you like the evening visit in your home.  My new experience will shook you all once again this time.  You just get to excuse me for very impolite and uncorrupted thoughts.  The reason I raise ducks, geese is to adjust myself in something else, to disconcentrate my mind from one thing to another.   I secure my peace and quiet from these innocent animals.  I devote my personal interest to these little innocent creatures.

    This new principle in our [illegible] is—People should not have or count more about [illegible] and personal interest.  You should not love yourself or others if it’s not based on principle of Communism.  We should not worship God.  There is no God.  There is only Stalin and Lenin and Mow Tsui Tong who worth to worship.  People worship God is crazy.  Men and their labor builds this beautiful world, not God.

    Dearest ones in America for you love me, therefore you love China.  China needs something, but I don’t know what.  I often have reading articles and letters from Dr. Ruth Strang.  Just got one recently.  But I don’t know whether these articles are good enough for my workers or not.  Probably publication from S. V. Russian will be much better.  But they inspire me personally anyway.

    I may walk out from my job because I can’t stand this nerve fighting.  But I don’t know how to get out from this place—a big problem!

    Don’t feel bad for me or mad at me because unspeakable words and invisible thoughts are within me always instead of write down by words.